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Blog Entries by HS News Staff

Hispanics Love Social Media More Than the General Population

Hispanics embrace social media such as Facebook, YouTube and Google+ more than the general population. But when it comes to sharing personal information about themselves, Hispanics are more cautious, according to survey results announced today. continue reading »

Mexican Presidential Candidates Put on the Spot by Video Asking Why They’re Running

A video in which children ask Mexico's 2012 presidential hopefuls whether they really want to change the country or are just seeking the office for its own sake has already topped 2.7 million views on YouTube. continue reading »

What’s a Mom Worth? Check Out Annual Salary Here

With Mother's Day less than a month away, moms are top of mind. This week, Salary.com released its yearly average for what stay-at-home and working mothers would make if they were paid an annual salary for their work. continue reading »

Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller to co-direct “Sin City” sequel

Director Robert Rodriguez and comics writer Frank Miller have joined forces to start production on a sequel to "Sin City". continue reading »

Greenpeace Launches Cyber Campaign Urging Spain to Ban Coastal Drilling

Greenpeace on Friday launched a cyber campaign to urge Spain's minister of industry, energy and tourism, Jose Manuel Soria, to ban oil and natural gas drilling in coastal areas. continue reading »

Brazil allows abortion when fetus has major brain damage

Brazil's Supreme Federal Tribunal ruled that aborting a fetus suffering from anencephaly - the absence of a large part of the brain and the skull - is not a criminal offense. continue reading »

VIDEO: Short Film Showcases a Corrupt Mexico with Child Actors

A film that employed child actors as kidnappers, corrupt cops, drug traffickers, and greedy politicians gives a wake up call to the fierce debate of the overwhelming violence enveloping all of Mexico. continue reading »

LATINO BLOTTER: Drunken Gun Game in California Ends With 1 Death, 2 Arrests

A Los Angeles area home was the site of a game gone horribly wrong over the weekend, when one man's life was ended after being shot in the head. continue reading »

Shakira Announces Alliance Funding Education for Poor Students

Colombian singer Shakira announced on the eve of the Americas Summit here an alliance of foundations to fund quality education for low-income children. continue reading »

Costa Rica’s Dog Dilemma - One Million Abandoned a Year and 95% Come from Puppy Mills

Any responsible pet owner knows that owning pets, especially dogs, is a big responsibility. However, in Costa Rica there is a big dog dilemma. With thousands of puppy mills, so-called breeders, continue reading »

‘American Idol’ Judges Save Jessica Sanchez After the Singer Receives Fewest Votes (VIDEO)

In a shocking turn of events on Thursday nights' American Idol results show, teenage power house and thought-to-be leader of the pack, Jessica Sanchez received the least votes and was singi continue reading »

New Shoe Line for Celebrity Chef Aaron Sanchez

Celebrity chef, Aaron Sanchez, knows how to stay on his toes, comfortably. Sanchez is the star of the Food Network series, “Heat Seekers,” and the author of two cookbooks. In addition he is the owner of three restaurants in New York and Kansas, and now is the designer of a new kitchen friendly footwear line. continue reading »

Latino Entertainers Join Sierra Club to Celebrate Earth Day

Jessica Alba, Gina Rodriguez, Edward James Olmos and many artists have joined the Sierra Club to congratulate the Earth Day for lovers of nature in a special video produced by the organization environment. continue reading »

Selena Gomez Launches Summer Apparel For Her Kmart Clothing Line

On April 22, Selena Gomez will launch her summer apparel designs for her clothing line "Dream Out Loud" at Kmart. The former Disney star is also getting ready to debut her new perfume. continue reading »

Esperanza Spalding Rocks It on Jon Stewart’s ‘The Daily Show’ (VIDEO)

New Artist of the Year Grammy winner, Esperanza Spalding rocked it on last night’s ‘The Daily Show,” check out the video. continue reading »