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Blog Entries by HS News Staff

13 Cuban Migrants Transferred over to Colombian Immigration Authorities

The Colombian navy found 13 illegal Cuban migrants who were traveling on a boat in Colombian territorial waters in the Gulf of Uraba, officials said Monday. The Cubans were on board a fishing boat that was intercepted off the coast near Titumate, a village in Choco province near the border with Panama. continue reading »

Today’s Show Natalie Morales Wages War on Kathy Griffin – Allegedly

In an USA Today interview, celebrity bashing comedienne Kathy Griffin announced Natalie Morales of the Today show has banned her. Who knew the Brazilian – Puerto Rican anchor had issues with Kathy Griffin?? continue reading »

Isabella Castillo Wins Nobel Kids’ Choice Award for Nickelodeon Latin America’s “Grachi”

Isabella Castillo, the star of the Nickelodeon Latin America fantasy television series "Grachi," has become the first Latina to receive a Kids' Choice Award. "Honestly, I didn't think continue reading »

Kelsey Grammer Gets 4th Wife’s Name Tattooed by Chicago Area Artist

A tattoo shop in Chicago’s predominantly Puerto Rican neighborhood of Logan Square (Humboldt Park) had a celebrity patron over the weekend. Former “Cheer” and “Frasier” star Kelsey Gram continue reading »

New Bottles for Dos Equis Ambar Recalled For Fear of Breaking Glass

Last week, Heineken USA announced a voluntary recall of several products and packages in specific states due to a defect in the 12-ounce brown bottles used for certain batches of Carta Blanca and Dos Equis Ambar. continue reading »

Should Undocumented Immigrant Jose Godinez-Samperio Be Admiited to Florida Bar?

Jose Godinez-Samperio was valedictorian of his high school class in 2004. He graduated at the top of his class from the Florida State University College of Law and he passed the Bar exam. It would seem th continue reading »

Sister Maria Ines Teresa Arias to be Beatified in Mexico

Sister Maria Ines Teresa Arias (1904-1981), the Mexican nun who founded the Congregation of Poor Clare Missionary Sisters, will be beatified at the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the Catholic Church said. continue reading »

Is Milly the Puerto Rican Chihuahua the World’s Smallest Dog?

Weighing in at an impressively light .37 pounds, Milly the Puerto Rican Chihuahua may be the world’s smallest dog. Barely weighing as much as the average cell phone an continue reading »

Brazilian Cannibals Update: Made Home Movie of Crimes- More Victims Feared

Two of the three suspects arrested for murdering, dismembering and eating their victims in the northeastern Brazilian state of Pernambuco made a home movie of their crimes, including cannibalism scenes, media reports said. continue reading »

El Salvador Has First Homicide-Free Day in Three Years

Saturday marked the first time El Salvador had had a murder-free day in more than three years. On average, the Central American country had 12 murders a day in 2009, but that average has risen to 18 continue reading »

Shakira Screw Up:  Sings Colombian National Anthem at Summit and Fumbles It

Shakira is one of the biggest stars in the world and the biggest star in Latin America but for sure the pride and joy of her native Colombia. That is until she appeared before 31 world leaders this weekend to sing the Colombian national anthem at the Sixth Summit of the Americas. continue reading »

Summit of the Americas Concludes with No Decision on Cuba’s Inclusion

The 6th Summit of the Americas wrapped up here Sunday with Latin American support for including Cuba at the next continental gathering but without a final declaration due to a lack of consensus among participating nations on that and other matters. continue reading »

470 Inmates Riot in Brazil, Take 120 People Hostage

The uprising started during visiting hours Sunday at the Attorney Antonio Jacinto Filho Penitentiary Complex, where more than 150 police officers and prison guards have been deployed while officials negotiate with the inmates, the Sergipe Public Safety Secretariat said. continue reading »

Founder of National Salsa Day in Puerto Rico, Pedro Arroyo Dies at 60

Businessman Pedro Arroyo, the founder of National Salsa Day in Puerto Rico, has died, media reports said. He was 60. News of Arroyo's death Saturday continue reading »

U.S. - Colombia Announce Increase in Visa Validity from Five to Ten Years

The State Department announced an increase in the validity of visas for Colombians traveling on a temporary basis to the United States from five years to ten years. continue reading »