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Blog Entries by HS News Staff

Unintended Consequences of U.S. Immigration Policy: the Post 1965 Surge from Latin America

The post-1965 surge in Mexican, Central American, and to a lesser extent South American immigration was not a direct result of policy reforms enacted in the mid-1960s but rather the unintended consequences that unfolded afterward. continue reading »

HBO Latino Presents Exciting New Lineup of Original Entertainment for Spring 2012

This spring, HBO Latino, Home Box Office's dedicated Spanish-language premium channel, will present an incredible lineup of programs certain to appeal to today's multigenerational and bilingual Hispanic households. continue reading »

Bilingualism’s False Friends by Raul Guerrero

Now that science has corroborated that bilingualism makes us smarter, and profoundly benefits the brain, as reported by the New York Times, people are brushing up on their Spanish. continue reading »

DREAM Advocates Begin a 3,000-mile March from California to Washington

Jose Gonzalez was born in Guadalajara, Mexico in 1987, but he has called California home for almost all of his 25 years. A community college graduate, as well as a youth minister in his church, Jose wants to attend continue reading »

Immigration Judge Delays Deportation of Gay Mexican Man Married to U.S. Citizen

An immigration judge in California decided to delay the deportation of an undocumented Mexican immigrant who wed his U.S. citizen partner in New York, where same-sex unions are recognized. continue reading »

Papal Visit:  Catholic Church Facts for Mexico and Cuba

Hours before Pope Benedict XVI is to land in Guanajuato, Mexico the Vatican has released statistical information on Mexico and Cuba. The Pope has events schedule in three cities in Guanajuato during his March 23-26 visit, he is due to land in Mexico at 5:30 CST. continue reading »

Ban on Bullfighting Bill in Mexico Advances

A commission of the Legislative assembly (local congress) of the Federal District (ALDF) approved a bill that bans bullfighting in the capital city of Mexico City. continue reading »

The “Pope’s Crocodile” Arrives in Cuba

The “Pope’s crocodile” , shown to Pope Benedict XVI in a general audience hearing held at the Vatican, will be returned to Cuba’s National Zoo, announced officials. continue reading »

Mel Gibson Selling Costa Rica Estate for $29.8 million

Oscar-winning actor and director Mel Gibson has put his holiday home in Costa Rica on the market for $29.8 million after family troubles. continue reading »

Top Texas Immigration Official Resigns Amid Allegations Cash Stolen from Undocumented Immigrants

Nuria Prendes has stepped down as the top immigration official in Dallas, Texas amid allegation that money taken from detained undocumented immigrants was never returned to them. continue reading »

California Latinos Demand More Diversity Amongst Elected Officials

Hispanic leaders say that in California there are many cities in which the political leaders, in the city councils, for instance, do not reflect the ethnic diversity in society. continue reading »

Free Viagra for Erectile Dysfunction in Santa Fe Province, Argentina

The government of the central Argentine province of Santa Fe will manufacture the drug sildenafil, better known under the brandname Viagra, and will distribute it free to males with erectile dysfunction. continue reading »

24% of US Child Have at least One immigrant Parent and More Immigration Facts

The Migration Policy Institute's online journal, the Migration Information Source, today published its annual compilation of some of the most up-to-date and frequently sought-after facts and statistics on U.S. immigration, including current and historical population shares, illegal migration flows, continue reading »

STUDY:  Colorado Latino Kids Three Times More Likely to Be Obese

Latino children in Colorado are three times more likely to suffer from obesity than their white non-Hispanic peers, a new study shows. continue reading »

Vatican Says Pope’s Visit to Cuba will Help Move them Toward Democracy

Next week's visit by Pope Benedict XVI to Cuba "will help the process toward democracy and will open new spaces of presence and activity (for the Catholic Church)" on the Communist-ruled island, the Vatican secretary of state said. continue reading »