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Blog Entries by HS News Staff

Supreme Court Hears Arguments on SB1070- Join the Team to Help Spread the Word

This week, all eyes will once again be on SB 1070. Today, the Supreme Court will hear arguments on the Arizona law and will soon decide whether to strike it down forever, or open the door to Arizona laws across the country. Exactly two years ago , Governor Jan Brewer signed Arizona’s now-infamous “show me your papers” anti-immigrant legislation -- SB 1070 -- into law. continue reading »

Bilingual ‘Get Out the Vote’ Campaign Launched by Univision

Spanish-language media giant Univision announced Tuesday the launching of its first bilingual civic participation campaign to encourage Latinos to register to vote and to participate in the election in November. continue reading »

Music Producer Emilio Estefan Partners with Target to Brings His Favorite Things

Target Corp. announced a partnership with 19-time GRAMMY winning music producer, Emilio Estefan. Through the partnership, Estefan will work with Target to curate a special selection of his favorite music, movies and books titled “Emilio Estefan’s Picks.” continue reading »

Marc Anthony, Chayanne, Marco Antonio Solis Announce U.S. Tour

Three Latino singers with towering international reputations - Marc Anthony, Chayanne and Marco Antonio Solis - will share the spotlight this summer on a tour of 14 American cities. The artists presented Monday in Miami plans for their Gigant3s tour and said how thrilled they were about presenting the show to U.S. audiences. continue reading »

Cow Goes to McDonald’s to Protest Quality of Beef (VIDEO)

Darcy, a cow in Brush Colorado, escaped from her pen and walked half a mile to the nearest McDonalds to protest the meat they use. continue reading »

Forget Drugs! The Most Dangerous Illegal Substance Coming Across the Border is Bologna! (VIDEO)

According to a “Colbert Report Special Report,” drugs are not the greatest danger crossing the border. Smuggled Bologna is! continue reading »

Woman Reunited with Dog after 3 weeks Gives Dog Back to Shelter

The Bronx woman who was reunited with her lost dog after she spotted him on NBC’s “Today” on Friday was forced to return him earlier this week. continue reading »

Brazilian Actor dies after Accidentally Hanging Himself During Good Friday Reenactment

Tiago Klimeck died on Sunday after spending over two weeks in a medically induced coma due to major brain injuries from a lack of oxygen after accidentally hanging himself during “The Passion of the Christ” on Good Friday. continue reading »

Joran van der Sloot May be Extradited to the US after Trial in Peru

Joran van der Sloot, famous for being the prime suspect in the disappearance of American teen Natalee Holloway, may be extradited to the United States to be tried for extortion. continue reading »

Mel Gibson Cast in the new ‘Machete Kills” Film

Mel Gibson is reportedly in talks to become a supporting character in ‘Machete Kills.” continue reading »

Narco Bribes Undercover Agents $797,000 For Safe Passage Back to Mexico and Gulf Cartel

Juan Carlos De La Cruz Reyna, 37, a high ranking member of the Gulf Cartel, has entered a plea of guilty to bribery of a public official, something he did in order to avoid deportation and face rival narco factions or Mexican authorities. continue reading »

Catholic Churches Near Popocatepetl Volcano Will Serve as Shelters for Those Fleeing Eruptions

The parishes closest to area of the Popocatepetl volcano (San Martin Texmelucan, Atlixco, San Andres and San Pedro Cholula), 4-hostel centers will be set up as shelters for people forced to leave their homes because of the volcanic activity. continue reading »

H&M begins its Latin American Expansion in Mexico

H&M, the national retail-company, is taking its first steps towards expansion in Latin America by opening its first location in Mexico City's Centro Santa Fe mall. continue reading »

Maya Priest Says World is Suffering Due to 5,200 Mayan Calendar Cycle Ending

The first European Maya priest, Austrian-born Omrael Norbert Muigg, said that the "chaos" the world is suffering is a consequence of the fact that in December 2012 a cycle more than 5,200 years long - according to the Maya calendar - is ending and a new age in which humanity will experience important internal changes is in the offing. continue reading »

Venezuela’s Chavez to Return From Cancer Treatment in Cuba Later this Week

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez spoke Monday on state television for the first time since he went to Cuba for cancer treatment nine days ago and said he will be back in Caracas later this week. continue reading »