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Blog Entries by HS News Staff

300 Well Preserved Pre-Historic Animal Fossils Found in Argentina

Paleontologists found about 300 well-preserved fossils of pre-historic animals at two quarries outside Buenos Aires, Argentine officials said. continue reading »

Bus Bombings in Colombia Leaves 8 Wounded

At least eight people were injured by two bombs left, presumably by leftist rebels, on two public buses in Ibague, police in this southwestern Colombian city said Sunday. continue reading »

12-Year-Old Mexican Farmworker Gives Birth and Returns to Fields after Delivery

A 12-year-old indigenous farmworker has given birth at a hospital in the northwestern Mexican city of Escuinapa, medical officials said. continue reading »

Mixtec Indians Give Concert Blending Ancient Melodies with Beatles Tunes

More than 50 young Mixtec Indians gave a concert in the western Mexican city of Guadalajara, in which they fused their ancestral musical tradition with melodies made famous by the legendary British rock group The Beatles. continue reading »

EXTREME TRAFFICKING:  Faux Taxi Driver Dealing and Driving in Mexico

A 37-year-old man posing as a taxi driver was arrested by police after he was discovered to have possession of 15 kilos of marijuana in Mariano Matamoros, a colony in Tijuana, Mexico. continue reading »

Underwear Thief Arrested in Chile, Sexually Abused Women to Get their Panties

Chilean police arrested a student who assaulted women in order to steal their underwear, who according to officials had accumulated over 500 pairs of panties. continue reading »

Princess Cruise Accused of Ignoring Pleas from Distressed Panamanian Fishermen, 2 Perished

In a twist of events Princess Cruises says the captain of their cruise ship was never told about the stranded Panamanian fishing boat they passed by. continue reading »

What is Jose Ramos Role in 33-Year Old Case of Missing 6-year Old Etan Patz?

A recent discovery in the missing person's case Etan Patz, who went missing at the age of 6 in 1979, have the police and FBI searching for his remains. continue reading »

Latina Institute Applauds Move to Restore Care for Undocumented Pregnant Women

On Wednesday, Nebraska lawmakers voted to override the governor’s veto when they restored funding for maternity care for undocumented women—based on the premise that while a pregnant woman herself is ineligible for benefits, the fetus she carries can be enrolled in public health insurance. continue reading »

Harvard’s Latino Problem: After Forty Years, a Latino Studies Center is Still Missing on Campus

This weekend’s 15th Annual Latino Law Policy and Business Conference celebrated the rise of Latinos in the U.S. and Latin America, but also revealed Harvard’s most glaring weakness: After forty years, a Latino Studies Center is still missing on campus. continue reading »

CESAR MILLAN ‘DOG WHISPERER’ Divorce Settled- Cesar rakes in $170,000/month

Cesar Milan is divorced now and the details are out. The final divorce docs which were just filed, and they show Cesar pulls in an impressive $170,000 a month. Cesar must now pay ex-wife Ilusion a one-time payout of $400,000, as well as $23,000 a month in spousal suppor, plus another $10,000 in child support. continue reading »

Closure of Rio Huge Dump Leaves 1200+ Scavengers Without Livelihood

The closure of Latin America's largest dump will put some 1,200 people out of work who live by selling the reusable goods they find among the 8,400 tons of trash produced daily by Brazil's second city. The city dump with the bucolic name of Gramacho Garden continue reading »

Have U.S. Border Agents been Using Excessive Force to Curb Illegal Immigration? New Video Emerges

The death of Anastasio Hernandez-Rojas, which garnered national media attention in 2010, has re-entered the limelight after PBS unearthed new footage of the incident between the Mexican citizen and border patrol agents. continue reading »

Mexican Indians Free 14 Police and 2 Government Officials Held Hostages

Fourteen police and two government officials taken prisoner by a group of Indians in the western Mexican state of Michoacan were released on Friday as talks resumed between authorities and indigenous leaders. The cops and state officials were seized early Thursday while investigating the deaths of eight people in armed clashes in Cheran, a rebel municipality in Michoacan. continue reading »

52.1% of Latinos Said They Have Been Targets of Workplace Bullying

Workplace bullying is on the rise in the United States amid the country's economic woes and particularly afflicts Hispanics, experts told Efe. Waldemar Serrano-Burgos, a life and business coach in Florida, said that Hispanics are particularly vulnerable to bullying because so many are dependent on a work visa and others are in the country illegally continue reading »