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Blog Entries by HS News Staff

Is the Wolf Pack Heading Down Tijuana to Film “The Hangover 3”

Rumor has it that Mexico will be the scene for the third and possibly final film in the Hangover franchise. First “the Wolf Pack” headed to Las Vegas in The Hangover continue reading »

Tough Job: Bettina Inclan is Republican Party’s Director of Hispanic Outreach

Bettina Inclan has what some would consider one of the toughest jobs for Republicans. In January, Inclan was named the Republican National Committee’s first ever Director or Hispanic Outreach. continue reading »

Radical Militia & Immigrant Border Patrol Member Shoots Family and Then Himself

Well known border militia leader, identified as a neo Nazi, J.T. Ready apparently opened fire and killed four other people, one of them a toddler, before turning the gun on himself. continue reading »

STUDY: Half of Latino Teens Report Smoking Pot in Last Year

Only Half of Teens, 51 Percent, Now Say They See “Great Risk” in Using Marijuana Regularly ~Teen Abuse of Rx and Over-The-Counter Medicines Remain at Dangerous Levels~ continue reading »

Guatemalan Authorities Detain 8 for Seizure of Army Outpost

On Wednesday, eight people were detained for allegedly participating in a mob’s seizure of an army outpost in northern Guatemala. continue reading »

Charlie Sheen Threatens to Sue New York Strip Club for Using His Name in VIP Room

Charlie Sheen is reportedly fuming after hearing a strip club and sushi restaurant used his name for its VIP room. The New York Cheetahs Club in Times Square named their exclusive VIP area the “Char continue reading »

WATCH: Messi Breaks Gerd Muller’s European Season Goal Record With Shot Against Malaga (VIDEO)

In true Lionel Messi fashion, the Barcelona striker scored yet another impressive goal during the team’s match against Malaga. The chip shot was the 3rd for Messi, completing his hat-trick in Barcelona's 4-1 continue reading »

“50 Most Beautiful” Issue of PEOPLE en Español 2012

This year’s new “50 Most Beautiful” issue of PEOPLE en Español, highlights some of today’s most popular names in Hispanic entertainment. continue reading »

Legacy Hollywood Actress Patricia Medina Dies at 92

The British-born actress of Spanish heritage, Patricia Medina, who graced the stage of Hollywood screens, has died at the age of 92. continue reading »

Immigrant-Rights Leader Nativo Lopez Resigns After 44 Years of Activism

After 44 years of activism Nativo Lopez, the controversial immigrant-rights leader, stated that he will resign from the public life. continue reading »

Study Shows Self-Deportation is Irrational Behavior and a False Premise

Proponents of “attrition through enforcement” would have you believe that, given the right conditions, unauthorized immigrants will choose to leave the U.S. and return to their home countries. The Myth of Self Deportation, by Alexandra Filindra, questions the assumptions behind the attrition strategy and concludes that self-deportation is not rational because unauthorized immigrants have invested too much in the U.S. to return home. continue reading »

Families of Border Patrol Victims Seek Justice

The family of immigrant Anastacio Hernandez, who died at the hands of the Border Patrol, will take part in a march in San Diego to ask for justice. continue reading »

1st Quarter Remittances to Mexico Rise by 5.3% to $5.37 Billion

Remittances from Mexicans living abroad climbed 5.3 percent in the first quarter compared with the same period in 2011, Mexico's central bank said Wednesday. continue reading »

Human Rights Commission: Concern for Kidnapped French Journalist in Colombia

The Office of the Special Rapporteur for Freedom of Expression of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) states its concern for the kidnapping of French journalist Romeo Langlois, on April 28th in Caquetá, Colombia. continue reading »

Argentine Catholic Priest Accused of Mistreating the Mother of His Son

An Argentine priest was suspended after a complaint for mistreatment was filed by a domestic employee, who says that she had a son with the cleric. The decision to dismiss the Rev. Juan Bojcetic was made by the Catholic bishop of Moron, Luis Eichhorn, after the accusations against the priest for domestic violence were made public. continue reading »