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Blog Entries by HS News Staff

Prince Royce and Romeo Santos Lead Nominations for Premios Juventud Awards

Singers Romeo Santos and Prince Royce broke records this year in the number of nominations garnered for the Premios Juventud awards with 11 and 10 respectively, Univision Network said in a live online broadcast. continue reading »

Peru’s Defense, Interior Ministers Resign After Military Operation Results in 10 Soldier Deaths

Peru's defense and interior ministers resigned Thursday as Congress prepared a motion to censure the government for a military operation that resulted in the deaths of 10 soldiers and police, the office of the Cabinet chief said. continue reading »

Guitierrez: Romney Must Make Immigration Position Clear

Today, Congressman Luis V. Gutierrez (D-IL) reacted to news out of Washington that the Director of Hispanic Outreach for Mitt Romney's campaign admitted that Romney "is still deciding what his immigration position is," according to several news reports continue reading »

80 Tons of Drug Precursors Confiscated by Guatemalan Police

At least 80 tons of drug precursors were seized in two separate operations in Guatemala and one person was arrested, the National Civilian Police, or PNC, said. continue reading »

Experts Say Gay Marriage Will Not Alienate Hispanic Voters

The historic and politically risky announcement by President Barack Obama supporting same-sex marriage comes at a time when the largely Catholic Hispanic community is also evolving its opinion on the matter, experts consulted on the subject on Thursday told Efe. continue reading »

3 Mexican Brothers Sentenced for Running Prostitution Ring in U.S.

Three Mexican brothers were sentenced to prison after pleading guilty to conspiring to operate an interstate prostitution ring that relied on women who were smuggled in from Mexico and Central America and coerced into working for the trio. continue reading »

Eva Mendes Disproves Early Hollywood Critics

Hispanic film star Eva Mendes is proud of her career after many initially said of her that her look was not "commercial," she told Efe at the U.S. screening of the comedy "Girl in Progress." continue reading »

Argentine Grandmother Charged For Beating Grandson Over Report Card

A court in Buenos Aires arraigned a woman on domestic violence charges after she hit her 7-year-old grandson for bringing home a bad report card, the Argentine press said Thursday. continue reading »

Latin Grammy Award Winning Molotov Looking to Sharpen Their Message

Mexican rock band Molotov, known for taking overtly political stances on social issues in its songs, says it now prefers to seek more subtle and intelligent ways to convey its message. "We have to find a smart way to express ourselves in terms of what's happening right now," vocalist and guitarist Tito Fuentes said at a press conference. continue reading »

Oldest-Known Mayan Calendar Found by U.S. Archaeologists in Guatemala

A team of U.S. archaeologists announced Thursday the discovery of the oldest Mayan calendar to date, a ninth-century artifact amid the ruins of an ancient city in Guatemala. continue reading »

Mexico To Use French Soccer Tournament to Finalize its Olympic Roster

Mexico's under-23 national soccer team will compete in a tournament this month in Toulon, France, fielding a squad of 20 players under consideration for the Olympic roster. continue reading »

Honduran Radio Journalist Kidnapped On Way to Work

Honduran police have enlisted the help of foreign investigators who happened to be here for a conference in the search for a radio journalist kidnapped early Wednesday, the office of President Porfirio Lobo said in a statement. continue reading »

Chilean Man is John Travolta’s Third and Latest Sexual Harassment Accuser

A former employee of the Caribbean cruise line, Fabian Zanzi, is the latest man to come forward with allegations of sexual harassment by actor John Travolta. continue reading »

Will Jessic Sanchez be the Next ‘American Idol’?  (VIDEO)

On Wednesday night's "American Idol", Jessica Sanchez and fellow contestants chose songs MTV called "obscure" or "the most obvious choices possible." Now down to the final four, it's continue reading »

Students Take Over University of Michoacán

Members of the 'Coordinator of Struggling University Students' organization or CUL took over University of Michoacan campus facilities as well as the San Nicolás de Hidalgo preparatory school. The take over is in protest to the detention order issued to the ten students allegedly involved in the burning of officials vehicles. continue reading »