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Blog Entries by HS News Staff

Dayanara Torres Hospitalized for Severe Abdominal Pain

The ex-wife of Marc Anthony, Dayanara Torres, was brought to the emergency room and later hospitalized in Los Angeles, California due to severe abdominal pains. continue reading »

LATINO BLOTTER: Mother Straps Cash to Daughters, Sister to Smuggle into Mexico

A mother in Texas has been arrested for allegedly using her children and teenage sister to smuggle narco cash from Dallas to Mexico. After pulling over Betzabeth Perez-Torres, continue reading »

Guns in Murder of Mexican Lawyer Traced Back to U.S. Operation Fast & Furious

After investigation, Mexican officials have determined that the firearms used in the 2010 killing of lawyer, were connected to Operation Fast and Furious continue reading »

Chavez in Cuba for ‘Homestretch’ of Cancer Treatments

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is back in Cuba to complete the "homestretch" of his radiation therapy for the cancer that was detected while he was on a visit to the island last year, state media reported Tuesday. continue reading »

Lenami Godinez Falls 1,000 Feet to Her Death in Tragic Hang Gliding Incident

While hang-gliding in Canada on Saturday, Lenami Godinez went through the unthinkable. Shortly after taking off on a tandem flight, one in which the person is partnered with an instructor, Godinez slipped from her continue reading »

Blog del Narco: Villagers in Sierra de Choix Turn Vigilante

The gunmen hiding in the area cornered, by the local authorities as well as the local residents as they both try to capture them and bring them down. Now the gangsters have enemies to the inhabitants of villages belonging to the municipality. continue reading »

After Missing For Three Weeks, Wounded Peruvian Officer Found Alive

After disappearing three weeks ago, Peruvian police officer Luis Astuquillca Vasquez has been found alive. With bullet wounds in his legs and arm, Officer Astuquillca Vasquez managed to make his way to t continue reading »

Latino Father Attempts to Sacrifice His Children in Cemetery – Bystander Saves Them

Thirty-year-old Joseph Ramirez claims voices in his head told him to take his three children to the Mount Hope Cemetery in San Diego, California and sacrifice them. continue reading »

Gene Simmons Does Peru - Watch Video

It isn’t everyday that a former Rocker with heinous hair and reality show star show get to meet a President and First Lady and tour the Governmental Palace unless its Peru. continue reading »

LATINO BLOTTER: Man Stabs Raul Rivera Diaz for Not Giving Him a Beer

A man in Florida was reportedly stabbed after a man at a market was angered enough to stab him for not sharing his beer. Raul Rivera Diaz, 43, was walking out of Black Bay Market in F continue reading »

Juanes Not Only Writes Songs, He Writes for Peace in Colombia

In an article written for the Bogota newspaper, El Tiempo, Colombian singer Juanes recounted his experiences with ex-guerrillas and the need for peace in his country. continue reading »

Burning 53,000 Acres of National Forest with His Soiled Toilet Paper Leaves Latino with $2.7M Fine

Burning 53,000 Acres of National Forest with His Soiled Toilet Paper Leaves Latino, Rodrigo Ulloa-Esquivel with $2.7M Fine continue reading »

Deadly Helicopter Crash in Colombia Leaves 13 Dead

Seven airmen and six National Police officers were killed when an air force helicopter crashed outside Sabanagrande, a city in Colombia's northern Atlantico province, the air force said. continue reading »

Wedding Gift Drop Off Leaves 7 Beheaded in Brazil Farm

Police found seven people decapitated at a farm in the central Brazilian state of Goias, media outlets said. continue reading »

Authorities Searching for Dominican Woman Who Sold Her Baby for $2500

Dominican police are looking for a woman who sold her 8-month-old baby for 100,000 pesos ($2,500), authorities said Monday. The child was recovered last Friday. The spokesman for the northern regional po continue reading »