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Blog Entries by HS News Staff

Crossing into the U.S. from Mexico? You Could be Smuggling in Drugs Underneath Your Car

Authorities say Mexican drug smugglers are using unsuspecting drivers to move the drugs for them. Using strong magnets taped to the drugs to be transported, drug smugglers attach the drugs to the unde continue reading »

Judge Approves $18.5M Settlement for Woman Injured During ‘Transformers 3’ Filming

Lawyers for the woman severely injured during filming of Transformers 3 has reached a multi-million dollar settlement on her behalf. In 2010, the 24-year-old Gabriella Cedillo was one of extras on the set of continue reading »

Bodega Worker Pedro Hernandez Arrested for Murder of Etan Patz

Bodega worker, 51-year-old Pedro Hernandez has been arrested for the murder of 6-year-old Etan Patz who disappeared on his way to his school bus in 1979. continue reading »

LATINO BLOTTER: Fla. Couple Arrested for Leaving Child In Car While They Went in Strip Club

A Florida couple was arrested this week after they left a 4-year-old in a car outside a strip club so the husband could go in a “see the girls.” Israel Rangel Ortiz and his wife Edith Aguilar Cardona have been charged w continue reading »

FBI Award for Alleged Bride Killer, Arnoldo Jimenez, Probably Hiding in Mexico

Alleged bride killer, Arnoldo Jimenez, remains elusive to police and is probably hiding out in Mexico so the FBI has announced a $10,000 rewards in hopes of catching him. continue reading »

Only 2% of Congressional Representation is Latinos - Diversity Lacking in Government

National Urban Fellows, one of the country’s oldest leadership development organizations, announced the findings of Diversity Counts: Racial and Ethnic Diversity among Public Service Leadership, the first comprehensive review of representation in government, philanthropy, and non-profit organizations. continue reading »

Check Out Latin American History With @TodayInLatAm - on Twitter!

HS News is proud to announce our latest addition to the Twitter-sphere, TodayInLatAmHistory (‏@TodayInLatAm). Updated daily, we'll bring you interesting facts about what happened on that day in Latin American history. continue reading »

Mother Carmen Rios Garcia Blinded her Son as Part of Satanic Ritual

A Mexican mother blinded her 5-year-old son in an apparent satanic ritual, authorities in the central state of Mexico said Thursday. Carmen Rios Garcia, 23, is one of seven people in custody in connec continue reading »

,Pitcher Aroldis Chapman Sued for Causing Cuban-American’s Imprisonment in Cuba

Two Spanish-language newspapers in Miami, Florida are reporting that Cincinnati Reds closer Aroldis Chapman is being sued for $18 million dollars for causing the imprisonment of a Cuban-American in Cuba. continue reading »

Three Arrested With 1.6 tons of Marijuana in Argentina

Two Paraguayans and an Argentine were arrested Thursday outside Buenos Aires when they were caught unloading 1.6 tons of marijuana from a boat, police said. continue reading »

Mexico’s PRI Party Disavows Politician With Links to Cartels

Mexico's PRI, poised to retake the presidency this year after more than a decade in opposition, sought on Wednesday to distance itself from a prominent party member accused by U.S. authorities of taking bribes from drug cartels. continue reading »

America Ferrera Launching “America4America” Campaign for Voto Latino

Voto Latino, is announcing the launch of the “America4America” on Thursday May 31st, spearheaded by America Ferrera. continue reading »

Blog del Narco: Young Women Shot Dead Feet From Sobbing Baby Daughter

A Young woman was shot dead outside her home in the subdivision of the Alamo Mission. The murder occurred east of the boulevard Rolando Arjona, near the bus station. Inside the house police heard a small cry, continue reading »

Mexican Bus Passengers Kill One Would Be Robber and Injure Another

A group of bus passengers overpowered two would-be robbers, beating one to death and leaving the other badly injured, Mexican police said Thursday. The incident took place before dawn on the highway linking the northern cities of Monterrey and Durango. continue reading »

Spanish Fishing Boats at Gibraltar Reportedly Being Harassed by Police

The 1713 treaty that is the basis for Britain's claim to sovereignty over the Rock limits British maritime control to the port of Gibraltar, Garcia-Margallo said. continue reading »