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Blog Entries by HS News Staff

Elizabeth Olivas Back in U.S. for Graduation After Being Stuck in Immigration Web in Mexico

Elizabeth Olivas was looking forward to graduated high school and going on to college and until Friday morning see saw the experience slipping away. When she was just 4 years old, Elizabeth was brought to the U.S. (India continue reading »

Drug-related Violence Has Not Affected Preparations for Mexican Elections

Preparations are on track for Mexico's July 1 presidential election and the drug-related violence in the country has not affected the process, the Federal Electoral Institute, or IFE, said. continue reading »

Activists Push Gov’t to Implement Proposal Allowing Spouses, Children of Citizens to Stay in U.S.

Several pro-immigrant organizations demanded on Thursday that the Obama administration implement the proposal for a new procedure that would allow the spouses and children of U.S. citizens to remain in the country while their immigration situation is regularized. continue reading »

Mexican Men Suspected of Human Smuggling Were Acquitted of Charges in El Salvador

A court in El Salvador released two suspected people traffickers who abandoned 14 Salvadorans in Mexico who were among the 72 migrants massacred at a ranch in Tamaulipas state in 2010, judicial officials said. continue reading »

Woman Found tied Up In Aroldis Chapman’ s Hotel Room

According to Cincinnati news, Aroldis Chapman’s girlfriend was found tied up in his hotel room. Claudia Manrique, 26, was in the hotel room during the Cincinnati Red and Pittsburgh Pirates game in Pittsburgh. continue reading »

Mexican Constriction Company To Acquire Majority Ownership of Peruvian Mining Services Firm

Mexican construction company ICA said Wednesday it has signed a deal to acquire a 51 percent stake in Peru's San Martin Contratistas Generales, which provides construction services to the mining industry. continue reading »

3,000 Chileans Stranded After Mudslide

Some 3,000 people living in the towns of Palena and Futaleufu, in the southern Chilean region of Los Lagos, on Wendesday remained isolated because of a mudslide that buried the road leading to the area, authorities said. continue reading »

Chicago Suburb Files Civil Suit Against Latin Kings

The city of Aurora has joined several municipalities in the Chicago area who are appealing to the civil courts to try and limit the activities of gangs like the Latin Kings. continue reading »

Is Carlos Gonzalez Becoming a Hitter?

Carlos Gonzalez the Colorado leftfielder won the National League battle title in 2010 so you would think he is a good hitter. continue reading »

Senators Say Yes to English in Puerto Rican Classrooms, but No to English-Only

Opposition Popular Democratic Party, or PPD, Sen. Juan Eugenio Hernandez Mayoral told Efe on Thursday that the English-only schooling that the administration of pro-statehood Gov. Luis Fortuño continue reading »

Hispanic Candidate Forces Run-off in Texas Republican Primary

Cuban-American Ted Cruz, a rising star within the Republican Party in Texas, will face off in a run-off election for his party's Senate nomination with rival David Dewhurst in a contest that presents several challenges. continue reading »

Kat Von D Being Sued By Insurance Company Saying She Caused Fire They Paid For

Earlier this week, State Farm Insurance filed a lawsuit against tattoo artist/reality show star Kat Von D. The lawsuit claims the 2010 fire that severely damaged her house and killed her cat, continue reading »

Costa Rica Cat Fight: ‘Real Housewives of Orange Country’ Travel With Luggage AND Baggage

The women of the Real Housewives of Orange County traveled to Costa Rica recently and Tuesday's episode saw them taking both luggage and baggage with them. continue reading »

While on Holiday in Spain, Woman Falls From Balcony Trying to Remove Spider from Luggage

Chantelle Serginson remains in the hospital after she fell from a balcony while vacationing in Spain. Chantelle and her mother Kimberley had reportedly been arguing in their room at the Hotel Mari continue reading »

Red Cross Confirms French Journalist’s Release After 33 Days with the FARC

The International Committee of the Red Cross, or ICRC, announced Wednesday that French war correspondent Romeo Langlois was released by the FARC guerrillas, left the village of San Isidro with the humanitarian mission that took custody of him and is en route to Florencia, the capital of Colombia's southern Caqueta province. continue reading »