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Blog Entries by HS News Staff

LATINO BLOTTER: Wife Lights Husband on Fire With Nail Polish Remover

A Florida woman was arrested over the weekend after she allegedly lit her husband on fire. Idalmis de Armas, 40, and her husband were reportedly arguing in their Tampa home when thin continue reading »

Tragedy in Illinois: Three Teens Killed in Car Accident with Semi

An intersection in Illinois’ Kendall County, which those in the area have called a “death trap”, was the sight of a tragic accident that claimed three young lives. continue reading »

Fla. Refuses to Obey DOJ, Will Continue “Voter Suppression”, Claiming Non-Citizens are on Voter List

The state of Florida plans to defy an order from the U.S. Department of Justice and continue to purge people from the voter list under the assumption that they are not American citizens, legal voters. continue reading »

Spanish Language Media Announcing Shakira Pregnant with Pique’s Baby

Spanish language blogs and media sites are buzzing that Colombian singer, Shakira, is pregnant with boyfriend Gerard Pique's baby. continue reading »

Gus Martinez Breaks Ferris Wheel-Riding Record to Raise Money For Special Olympics

A detective with the Los Angeles Police Department has set a Guinness World Record for the longest Ferris wheel ride. After 25 hours on the 130-foot-tall Pacific Wheel at Santa Monica’s continue reading »

LATINO BLOTTER: Take a Seat - Man Tries to Steal Sandwich, Gets Sat On

Stealing is serious business and one man learned just how seriously a Florida supermarket takes it. According to an affidavit from the Manatee County Sheriff's Office, 21-year-old Emmanuel Jaramillo tried to steal a continue reading »

17-Year-Old Carlos Correa Number One in MLB Draft, Making Puerto Rican Sports History

In last night’s Major League Baseball’s Amateur Draft the Houston Astros selected shortstop Carlos Correa of the Puerto Rican Baseball Academy and High School with the first overall pick. continue reading »

Military Cadet Dies in Freak Accident When Ejected from Plane on Ground

A Brazilian air force cadet died when he was ejected from a training plane for unknown reasons when the aircraft was still on the ground, authorities said Monday. continue reading »

Puerto Rico Sees Bloodiest Weekend in 2012 With 17 Murdered in 2 Days

Seventeen people were murdered over the past two days in Puerto Rico on the island's bloodiest weekend so far this year, bringing the number of violent deaths in 2012 to 389. continue reading »

RUBIO WATCH- STARS Act Highlights Potential Pitfalls of Rubio DREAM Proposal

When news broke yesterday that a Florida congressman introduced an alternative version of the DREAM Act, many assumed it was Sen. Marco Rubio, who has been promising for months to introduce such legislation. In fact, the bill in question—dubbed the STARS Act—was introduced by Rep. continue reading »

Spanish Teacher Helping Undocumented Students in North Carolina Achieve College Dreams

A Spanish-born North Carolina teacher is helping dozens of undocumented high-school students fulfill their dream of pursuing university studies. continue reading »

Bus Accident in Chihuhua, Mexico Leaves 11 Dead, 13 Injured

Eleven people died and 13 others were injured in a bus accident on a highway in the northern Mexican border state of Chihuahua, officials said Monday. continue reading »

Mexican Architecture Magazine Arquine Launches New App

Mexican architecture magazine Arquine has announced the launch of an interactive version for the iPad and other tablet computers, billing it as the first of its kind in Latin America. "There's no (architecture) magazine in Latin America that has a digital version. Many have Web pages that function as blogs, which is what we've had since 2007, but ... Arquine is a pioneer in this version," architect Andrea Griborio told Efe. continue reading »

Maria Sans, the Inspiration for Hemingway’s Maria in “For Whom the Bell Tolls”, Dies at 91

Maria Sans, the woman who inspired the character Maria in Ernest Hemingway's 1943 novel "For Whom the Bell Tolls, died in Mataro, a city outside this northeastern Spanish metropolis. She was 91. continue reading »

Is The Big Z – Zambrano Back?

In yesterday’s Miami Marlins 5-1 victory over the Philadelphia Phillies, Carlos Zambrano showed us once again how dominate he can be, both on the mound and at the plate. continue reading »