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Blog Entries by Grant Sabatier

Chilean Police Arrest 3 for Bombings in Capital

Chile's Carabineros militarized police force arrested three suspects Thursday in connection with the July 12 and Sept. 8 bombings that wounded 14 people in the Santiago Metro, Bio Bio radio reported. continue reading »

U.S., Spanish Defense Chiefs Discuss IS Threat

U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and Spanish counterpart Pedro Morenes conferred by telephone on Washington's planned offensive against the Islamic State group, the Pentagon said Friday. continue reading »

Google Acquires Startup that Analyzes Photos to Create Urban Guides

Tech giant Google has purchased the startup Jetpac, creator of software that analyzes the pictures cybernauts post on the Internet and works up urban guides from the information it extracts from them, the Jetpac Web site said. continue reading »

Embraer to Partner with Saab on Fighter Jets for Brazil Air Force

Brazilian aircraft maker Embraer will partner with Sweden's Saab in the development and manufacture of 36 Gripen NG fighter jets for Brazil's air force, the two companies said in a press release Friday. continue reading »

Grenade Blast in Medellin Kills One and Wounds 40

A 23-year-old woman was killed and 40 other people were wounded when a man pulled out a hand grenade during a fight in a neighborhood in Medellin, a city in northwestern Colombia, police said Sunday. continue reading »

3 Dead, 1 Missing in Miami Boat Collision

Three people died and one went missing after three boats collided in waters off Miami on Friday night during the Independence Day celebrations, local media reported Saturday. continue reading »

NALEO:  Readily Awaits President Obama’s Executive Actions

The National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (NALEO) issued the following statement on President Barack Obama‚Äôs statement that comprehensive immigration reform legislation in the U.S. House of Representatives is dead and that he will take Executive Action: continue reading »

8 Die in Colombia in World Cup Celebrations

The celebration of Colombia's 2-0 World Cup victory over Uruguay, a win that earned the nation a berth in the quarterfinals of the soccer tourney in Brazil, took the lives of eight people in Bogota, Mayor Gustavo Petro said Sunday. continue reading »

Blog del Narco: Colombian Police Arrest Drug Trafficker Wanted by U.S.

Colombian police said Friday that they captured a reputed drug trafficker who is wanted in the United States. Seized from the man in custody, Pedro Corredor, and his organization were 198 kilos (438 pounds) of cocaine that were found in a rural area of Cienega municipality in the Caribbean province of Magdalena, police said in a statement. continue reading »

Blog del Narco: Mexican Authorities Confirm DNA is Leader of Mexico’s Tijuana Cartel

DNA and physical tests performed by Mexico's Criminal Investigation Agency confirmed that a man arrested earlier this week is Fernando Sanchez Arellano, the suspected leader of the Tijuana drug cartel, the Attorney General's Office said Wednesday. continue reading »

Mexico Stopped 9,622 Unaccompanied Minors From Crossing Border in 2013

Mexican immigration agents have stopped 9,622 unaccompanied minors this year, a figure equal to the 2013 total, with the total for the full year projected at 16,000, Deputy Government Secretary for Population, Migration and Religious Affairs Mercedes del Carmen Guillen Vicente said. continue reading »

Gunmen Kills Six People Including Two Children in Mexico City

Gunmen killed six people, including two children, at a house in the northern section of Mexico City, a Federal District Attorney's Office spokesman told Efe Tuesday. continue reading »

North Carolina DREAM Student Make Plea for In-State College Tuition Rates

A group of North Carolina youths set out Monday to walk 140 miles to call attention to the need to make university enrollment affordable for the state's DREAMers. continue reading »

Julio Iglesias Plays Intimate Concert in Dominican Republic

Spanish crooner Julio Iglesias, the Latino entertainer who has sold the most albums worldwide, performed on the weekend in a more intimate setting in Punta Cana, a resort city in the eastern Dominican Republic. continue reading »

Former Uruguayan President Celebrates Spanish King’s Support for LatAm

Spain's King Juan Carlos, who announced this week his abdication in favor of Crown Prince Felipe, has been "a great friend and supporter of Latin American countries in their process of integration," former Uruguayan President Tabare Vazquez told Efe Friday. continue reading »