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Estelle Gonzales Walgreen is co-founder and the Chief Content Officer at Hispanically Speaking News. (www.hs-news.com) At HS-News she has fused her passion for all things Hispanic with her entrepreneurial spirit and the insatiable need to ask WHY - ¿Por Que?

As a long-term executive and entrepreneur Ms. Gonzales-Walgreen is enjoying the next phase of her professional journey after spending decades in leadership roles at several businesses including Converse Industries. She will be a regular cultural commentator for HS-News while creating editorial, advertorial, and video content for the site.

Estelle initially focused her entrepreneurial interests and communication skills to capitalize upon the potential presented by the Hispanic financial customer with her Hablando Dinero radio program. She was one of the first women Hispanic radio station owners as a partner in EXCL, a leading Spanish-language broadcasting company. Estelle has held director, trustee and advisory roles for numerous corporate and non-for-profit boards for over 20 years; most recently at AAA Motor Club, Nature Conservancy and the Museum of Science and Industry.

Estelle is a recognized business leader and dynamic public speaker; having been named "Outstanding Business Leader" by the State of Wisconsin, "Woman of Achievement" by the Anti-Defamation League.

Blog Entries by Estelle Gonzales Walgreen

Mexican Archaeologist to Map Ancient Mayan City of Chactun

Specialists are developing a map of archaeological sites in a little-known Mayan region in Mexico's Campeche state, where an ancient city now known as Chactun was discovered this year, the National Anthropology and History Institute, or INAH, said. continue reading »

Brazil Moves Forward with Referendum on Massive Political Reforms

The administration of President Dilma Rousseff on Tuesday formally asked Brazil's Congress to convene a referendum on a wide-ranging political overhaul. continue reading »

J Lo’s Messy Money-Grab:  Performs for Dictator and All Around Bad Guy

Jennifer Lopez has gotten herself into a bit of a public relations mess with her obvious money grab in accepting an invitation to perform for the President of Turkmeninstan, Gurbanguly Berdiimuhamedow, better known as a dictator in international circles. continue reading »

NYPD Sued: No Spanish-Speakers for Domestic Violence Victims

Five Latina women have brought a federal lawsuit against the New York Police Department for not providing Spanish-speakers when they were involved in domestic abuse situations. continue reading »

1,200-Year-Old Untouched Pre-Incan Royal Tomb Discovered in Peru

Peruvian archaeologists along with researchers from National Geographic have announced the unprecedented discovery of a 1,200-year-old undisturbed royal tomb believed to belong to the elusive Wari civilization. continue reading »

Ecuador to U.S. ¡Adios! We Don’t Need Your Economic Aid

The Ecuadorian government said Thursday that it is voluntarily relinquishing U.S. trade preferences after Washington lawmakers called for the benefits to be revoked if Quito grants asylum to whistle-blower Edward Snowden. continue reading »

Law Authoritizing Elective Abortions in Uruguay Survives Call for Referendum

A proposal for a national referendum on undoing the Uruguayan Congress' decision to decriminalize abortion garnered only 234,670 votes, far fewer than the 655,000 needed to secure a plebiscite, electoral officials said Monday. continue reading »

ECUADOR: Snowden Cites “Danger of Persecution” in Bid For Asylum in Country

Former CIA employee Edward Snowden has filed a request for asylum in Ecuador, Ecuadorian Foreign Minister Ricardo Patiño said Monday. continue reading »

FBI Kept File on Mexican Author Carlos Fuentes, Labeled a Subversive

The FBI has just released documents under the Freedom of Information Act showing Mexican author Carlos Fuentes was a target of investigation for over two decades by U.S. authorities. continue reading »

How did Luis de la Garza Go from Latino Leader to the “Mesh Mask Bandit” Bank Robber?

This week Texas FBI captured the prolific bank robber dubbed the “Mesh Mask Bandit” who is tied to at least 19 bank robberies in northern Texas. continue reading »

How Will an Openly Gay U.S. Ambassador Fare in the Dominican Republic??

President Obama has announced James “Wally” Brewster, Jr. as his choice for U.S. Ambassador to the Dominican Republic. It is an interesting choice that could either be historic or hysterically wrong. continue reading »

Riots in Brazil Continue - 300,000 Protesters Clash with Police in Rio

A small group of protesters confronted police during a huge demonstration that brought 300,000 people into the streets in central Rio de Janeiro to demand better public services in Brazil. continue reading »

Tragic:  Border Patrol Rescue Honduran Mother & 8-Month Old Drowning During Illegal Border Crossing

Here at HSN we try to put a face on the undocumented border crosser that is at the heart of much of the comprehensive immigration reform debate. Often that face is Central American, young and/or under age. continue reading »

GOP’S Newest Hispanic Outreach Idea: Deport Them

This week to a chorus of boos House Republicans voted 224-201 to approve an amendment, authored by Rep. Steve King (R-IA), that defunds the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. The amendment undermines Homeland Security’s ability to defer deporting undocumented immigrant youth. continue reading »

Cuba’s Community Party Calls for More Women in Military

The UJC, the youth wing of Cuba's ruling Communist Party, called for increasing the number of women in military service, the official daily Juventud Rebelde reported Tuesday. continue reading »