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Estelle Gonzales Walgreen is co-founder and the Chief Content Officer at Hispanically Speaking News. (www.hs-news.com) At HS-News she has fused her passion for all things Hispanic with her entrepreneurial spirit and the insatiable need to ask WHY - ¿Por Que?

As a long-term executive and entrepreneur Ms. Gonzales-Walgreen is enjoying the next phase of her professional journey after spending decades in leadership roles at several businesses including Converse Industries. She will be a regular cultural commentator for HS-News while creating editorial, advertorial, and video content for the site.

Estelle initially focused her entrepreneurial interests and communication skills to capitalize upon the potential presented by the Hispanic financial customer with her Hablando Dinero radio program. She was one of the first women Hispanic radio station owners as a partner in EXCL, a leading Spanish-language broadcasting company. Estelle has held director, trustee and advisory roles for numerous corporate and non-for-profit boards for over 20 years; most recently at AAA Motor Club, Nature Conservancy and the Museum of Science and Industry.

Estelle is a recognized business leader and dynamic public speaker; having been named "Outstanding Business Leader" by the State of Wisconsin, "Woman of Achievement" by the Anti-Defamation League.

Blog Entries by Estelle Gonzales Walgreen

What Makes J Lo Mobile Phones So Latino?

Have you heard Jennifer Lopez is trying to sell you something again - no it’s not another pair of tiger print stretch pants THANK GOD - it’s mobile phones in partnership with Verizon. continue reading »

REPORT: FC Barca to Sign Brazilian Striker Neymar

Brazilian striker Neymar signed a deal last week with FC Barcelona committing him to join the club after representing his country in this summer's FIFA Confederations Cup, Rio daily O Globo reported Tuesday. continue reading »

Gordon Tech College Prep Gets Ready to Celebrate Its Many Academic Successes

Chicago’s Gordon Tech College Prep is getting ready to celebrate its unique approach to getting Latino students into traditional four-year colleges. continue reading »

Paraguay’s New President Horacio Cartes Also One of Country’s Richest Men

Paraguay has a new President, Horacio Cartes, who is also one of the richest man in the country. Cartes defeated Efrain Alegre and is replacing President Federico Franco. continue reading »

Jay-Z ‘Open Letter’ Rap to His Cuba Critics – Yes that Means You Sen. Rubio

Rapper Jay-Z has just addressed his Cuba-trip critics that include well known Cuban-American politicians, with an ‘Open Letter’ rap. continue reading »

Did You Get Your Free Ben & Jerry’s Cone? Time’s Running Out

You only have a few hours to get your free Ben & Jerry Cone before its annual ‘Free Cone Day’ ends. This 34-year-old tradition expires at 8pm local time – SO GET GOING. continue reading »

Dad Accused of Kidnapping Sons Apparently in Cuba Where There’s No Extradition

The two boys snatched last week by their parents from the Florida home of their grandmother - who had custody of the kids - may be in Cuba with their mother and father. continue reading »

Libyan Diplomat Found Apparently Murdered in Spain

In Spanish news authorities are reporting the apparent violent death of a Libyan diplomat that lived in Spain and worked at the Libyan Embassy in Spain. continue reading »

Tequila Gran Dovejo Awarded Best in Class for ‘2013 Spirits of the Americas”

The Gran Dovejo tequila has been awarded two ‘Best in Class’ recognitions at the 2013 Spirits of Americas Awards. The distillers third tequila type Gran Dovejo Añejo was also recognized taking home a Gold Medal in its respective category. continue reading »

Junot Diaz’ ‘Miss Lora’ Wins World’s Richest Prize for Short Story Writing

Pulitzer Prize winning author, Junot Diaz’ short story “Miss Lora” has won the prestigious London Times Short Story Award for 2013 and a cash prize of $45,000, the world’s richest short story prize given out. continue reading »

Is There Something Worse Than Being Called a Wetback?

With all the fervor, rage and political grandstanding that have come from Republican Don Young's comment on illegals, it is timely to ask if there is something worse than being called a wetback for Latinos? continue reading »

Argentine Illustrator Wins Prestigious Astrid Lindgren Award for Children’s Literature

The Argentine children’s author and illustrator, Isol, has won the prestigious Astrid Lindgren Memorial award for her body of work. continue reading »

Hedge Fund Honcho Buys Damaged Picasso for $155 Million

Pablo Picasso’s ‘Le Reve’ that was damaged by its owner casino mogul Steve Wynn, sold to hedge fund honcho Steven Cohen for a record $155 million. The sale represents the most an American has ever paid for a painting let alone a damaged one. continue reading »

“Revolution” Actress Danilla Alonso Joins PETA Campaign to Stop Animal Cruelty

Latina actress and star of "Revolution", Daniella Alonso has joined the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animal's campaign to stop the use of animal products in fashion. She joins other Latina actress like Eva Mendes and Penelope Cruz in trying to stop the senseless killing of animals for their skins. continue reading »

Mexico’s Pronghorn Antelope Comes Back from Near Extinction

Mexico's nearly extinct pronghorn antelope has made a comeback in Mexico thanks in great part to the join efforts of several conservation organization. The pronghorn are being protected and nurtured in the El Vizcaino Biosphere Reserve. continue reading »