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Estelle Gonzales Walgreen is co-founder and the Chief Content Officer at Hispanically Speaking News. (www.hs-news.com) At HS-News she has fused her passion for all things Hispanic with her entrepreneurial spirit and the insatiable need to ask WHY - ¿Por Que?

As a long-term executive and entrepreneur Ms. Gonzales-Walgreen is enjoying the next phase of her professional journey after spending decades in leadership roles at several businesses including Converse Industries. She will be a regular cultural commentator for HS-News while creating editorial, advertorial, and video content for the site.

Estelle initially focused her entrepreneurial interests and communication skills to capitalize upon the potential presented by the Hispanic financial customer with her Hablando Dinero radio program. She was one of the first women Hispanic radio station owners as a partner in EXCL, a leading Spanish-language broadcasting company. Estelle has held director, trustee and advisory roles for numerous corporate and non-for-profit boards for over 20 years; most recently at AAA Motor Club, Nature Conservancy and the Museum of Science and Industry.

Estelle is a recognized business leader and dynamic public speaker; having been named "Outstanding Business Leader" by the State of Wisconsin, "Woman of Achievement" by the Anti-Defamation League.

Blog Entries by Estelle Gonzales Walgreen

Alex Rodriguez Really Believes He’s Done Nothing Wrong – Sues MLB

Alex Rodriguez has convinced himself that it is his employer, Major League Baseball, that is destroying his career and not his own alleged use of performance enhancing drugs. continue reading »

“Instructions Not Included” Becomes Most Successful Spanish-Language Film EVER

Last weekend saw "Instructions Not Included," a comedy starring Mexico's Eugenio Derbez, make history by becoming the country's most successful Spanish-language film ever. continue reading »

STUDY: Media Plays Role in Dehumanizing Immigrants and Refugees

A new study from Western University suggests that the news media may take advantage of an existing uncertainty and unease around immigration policies and the treatment of immigrants and refugees to create a crisis mentality in which these groups are portrayed as “enemies at the gate” attempting to invade western nations. continue reading »

JUST IN:  Yankee Alex Rodriguez Breaks Lou Gehrig’s Grand Slam Record

New York Yankee’s Alex Rodriguez has just set a major league grand slam record surpassing Lou Gehrig’s, another Yankee, record this Friday night. continue reading »

Did Tour of Spain Cycling Winner “Disappear” Shortly after Winning to Avoid Drug Testing?

Spain’s “Vuelta a España” race or Tour of Spain as it known amongst cyclists is not for the weak, the race is one month long over challenging terrain. Just ask this year’s winner that is if you can find him. continue reading »

STUDY:  Latino, African-American Families Face Continued Financial Instability 7 Yrs After Recession

A new report published today by the National Association of Real Estate Brokers (NAREB) shows that seven years after the start of the great depression Latino and African-American families continue to face financial instability. The continued finance hardship is attributed to the massive loss of wealth and assets tied to the housing market. continue reading »

CA Supreme Court to Hear Oral Arguments on Why Undocumented Should Be Admitted to State Bar

On Wednesday the California Supreme Court will begin to hear oral arguments as to why the undocumented should be admitted to the state bar when it reviews the case of Sergio Garcia. continue reading »

Amazon Self-Publishing and Kindle Comes to Mexico

Amazon Mexico has just opened a Kindle store offering more than 2 million titles that includes the works of some of the great Spanish writers like Isabel Allende and Carlos Fuentes. Brazilian author Paulo Coelho is using this launch to announce the electronic release of his books ‘El Alquimista’ and ‘Once Minutes’ to Mexico. continue reading »

Real Madrid Says Adios to Ozil, Sent to Arsenal

Arsenal announced Monday that it acquired German midfielder Mesut Özil from Real Madrid for a transfer fee that set a new record for the Premier League club. continue reading »

Sao Paulo Building Collapses, 6 Dead and 24 Rescued under Debris

At least six people died when a two-story building under construction collapsed here Tuesday in Brazil's largest city, while 24 others were rescued alive from the wreckage, firefighters said. continue reading »

JPMorgan “London Whale” Banker Fighting Extradition to U.S. from Home Country of Spain

The Spanish former JPMorgan banker arrested here Tuesday on U.S. charges arising from the bank's $6 billion "London Whale" scandal was released on his own recognizance after vowing to fight extradition to the United States. continue reading »

NELSON BALIDO: Technology Offers Better Security than More Border Fencing

Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano’s announcement that she will be leaving her cabinet post to head up the University of California system injects even more uncertainty into the fate of the on-again, off-again development of a so-called virtual fence along the U.S. border with Mexico. continue reading »

¡Felicidades! Ecuador on Your 204th Year of Independence

Today, all of Ecuador is celebrating and rejoicing its 204-year old independence from Spain. The Spanish arrived in the 1500’s and stayed for nearly 300 years as it colonized the region and enslaved native populations. continue reading »

Border Agents Seize $4 Million in Pot near Laguna Beach from Mexico

Customs and Border Protection agents on Tuesday intercepted a boat carrying a cargo of marijuana valued at more than $4 million and arrested two Mexican men. continue reading »

Bus-Truck Collisoin Leaves 14 Dead and 33 Injured in Venezuela

At least 14 people died and 33 others were injured Wednesday in a head-on crash between a bus and a truck in the central Venezuelan state of Guarico, the Civil Protection Service reported. continue reading »