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Estelle Gonzales Walgreen is co-founder and the Chief Content Officer at Hispanically Speaking News. (www.hs-news.com) At HS-News she has fused her passion for all things Hispanic with her entrepreneurial spirit and the insatiable need to ask WHY - ¿Por Que?

As a long-term executive and entrepreneur Ms. Gonzales-Walgreen is enjoying the next phase of her professional journey after spending decades in leadership roles at several businesses including Converse Industries. She will be a regular cultural commentator for HS-News while creating editorial, advertorial, and video content for the site.

Estelle initially focused her entrepreneurial interests and communication skills to capitalize upon the potential presented by the Hispanic financial customer with her Hablando Dinero radio program. She was one of the first women Hispanic radio station owners as a partner in EXCL, a leading Spanish-language broadcasting company. Estelle has held director, trustee and advisory roles for numerous corporate and non-for-profit boards for over 20 years; most recently at AAA Motor Club, Nature Conservancy and the Museum of Science and Industry.

Estelle is a recognized business leader and dynamic public speaker; having been named "Outstanding Business Leader" by the State of Wisconsin, "Woman of Achievement" by the Anti-Defamation League.

Blog Entries by Estelle Gonzales Walgreen


Headlines news throughout Mexico continue reading »


Morning headline news throughout Guatemala continue reading »

Feliz Cumpleaños to our Beloved Dora the Explorer

Our little niña, Dora the Explorer, is turning 10 and the famed, fabled and regular folk are celebrating her last decade on the American television landscape. The show debuted on Nickelodeon in 2000 introducing us to this good-hearted, curious 7-year as she travels going on adventures with her countless best friends and continue reading »


Morning headline news throughout Guatemala continue reading »

BREAKING NEWS:  Judge Susan Bolton Rules on SB1070 BLOCKING Key Portions

Judge Susan Bolton in ruling on SB1070 deemed “Show Me Your Papers” as a restriction of personal liberty and concluded immigration should remain a federal not state issue, striking down and putting on hold the most controversial elements continue reading »

Mad Mel, Minutemen and Immigration – Not a Movie Plot!!

When you hear the name Mel Gibson you think movie blockbuster, well OK maybe not anymore. What you don’t expect to hear, even in these Mel-is-a Maniac days is Mel, Minutemen and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in the same breath. continue reading »

A Great Divide in American Sentiment

Most media outlets and pundits report that the majority of American’s are in favor of the legislation and hope to see it enacted in their state. Some reports also claim that Hispanic American’s favor the legislation, continue reading »

Hispanic American’s with Disabilities Celebrate ADA’s 20-Year Anniversary

Today, President Obama and the nation celebrate the signing of the groundbreaking legislation, the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA), twenty years ago. ADA was signed by then President George H.W. Bush and prohibits continue reading »


Morning headline news throughout Mexico continue reading »


Morning headline news throughout Guatemala continue reading »

By Night in Chile

continue reading »

Spain Continues to Gather World Titles in Sporting Events

Spain continues its winning strike after its World Cup victory, by having Fernando Alonso winning the Formula One Grand Prix in Germany and Alberto Contador winning his third Tour de France today. continue reading »

Hispanics Helping Each Other: Please Become a Tissue Donor

Hispanics and Latinos are united by a common heritage that includes language and culture but more importantly there is a genetic heritage. Since your tissue type is inherited from your parents, the best chance of finding a matching donor is with a brother or sister. The NEXT BEST chance is with someone of the same race or ethnicity. continue reading »

The Deafening Silence of Arizona Hispanics

Various polls have shown where the nation’s Hispanics stand and its not in support of SB 1070, approximately 70% are against it. Reason would follow that Arizona Hispanics, who would be the most likely stopped, questioned or detained, would be staggeringly in opposition. Not so. ¿Por Que? There is a reason why Arizona and Governor Jan Brewer did not appear worried that SB1070 would enrage the states Hispanic constituency, one of the larger in the U.S. Could it be because of the 1.9 million Arizona Hispanics, representing 30% of the population ONLY one-out-of-ten is a registered vote. How did these Arizonian Hispanics, half of which are foreign-born, sire a 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation that is incrementally in favor of SB1070? continue reading »

New Film by Alejandro Gonzalez Iñarritu is Confusingly BIUTIFUL

The trailer for Alejandro Gonzalez Iñarritu new film, Biutiful has just been released and if full of acting power by Javier Bardem, who won for Best Actor. The film will be coming to the U.S. in December continue reading »