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Blog del Narco has emerged as the premiere source for Mexico’s Narco News with about 3 million unique visits per month. Mexico has become one of the most dangerous countries in the world for freedom of the press. Many reporters have been executed or kidnapped. For his own safety, the author of Blog del Narco has maintained his/her anonymity by only letting two people (whom are very close to him) know his identity. It is a source of great curiosity how Narco Blog gets the stories and the pictures often well before traditional outlets.

The Blog has been recognized by CNN, Univision, LaJornada, Milenio.com to mention only a few.

"We decided to tell people what is actually happening and tell the stories exactly as they happen, without alteration or modifications of convenience," its author tells Boing Boing. "The main goal of the blog is to help Mexican people to take all necessary measures against the insecurity."

Blog Entries by El Blog del Narco

Narco Blog: Drug Traffickers Behind Attack on Peru Police Station

A group of suspected guerrillas allied with drug traffickers staged the attack on the police station in Pujiura, a remote town in Peru's Cuzco region, that left two officers wounded, the National Police said. The rebels fired on the police station early Monday with long-range weapons from a nearby hill, taking advantage of a power outage caused by torrential rains in the area to stage the attack. continue reading »

Narco Blog:Decapitated Man Found in Guerrero (WARNING: GRAPHIC PHOTOS)

Yesterday, in a ravine located on the road to Tixtla, in an area known as the "Greek" near "The Antennae" the head of a man was found whose body had been found Saturday afternoon. The victim was identified by his brothers Alfred and Fatima, as Sandro Valenzo Manuel Miranda, 34 years old. continue reading »

Narco Blog: Couple Shot in Chase in Guerrero ( Photo Warning)

This weekend a young couple was shot at by an unidentified group of gunman on the streets of the colony Marañonas Guerrero: the woman died and the man was in extremely serious condition. continue reading »

Narco Blog: Brother of Police Commander Executed in Chihuahua (Photo Warning)

An armed group killed a man at his home in Colonia Alfredo Chavez. The incident occurred when the gunmen, who had been chasing the man, entered his property, in the streets and Rio Florido Papigochic River, and shot him. continue reading »

Narco Blog:10 Municipalities in Michoacan Close schools & on Lockdown as Cartel Threatens Violence

After the alleged threats of organized crime alerts expressed through at least 10 municipalities in Michoacan, in the town of Patzcuaro, schools decided to close all entry-level and higher education for safety continue reading »

Narco Blog: Young Student Shot in Head (Warning Graphic Photos)

A student of the Instituto Tecnológico Superior de Jesus Carranza (ITSJC) Ersaín Carrasco Sanchez, 20 years old, was killed by two bullets in the head as he drove into the Oaxacan village of Iturbide, during the night last Monday. continue reading »

Narco Blog: Police are Investigating the Death of Murdered American Missionary Couple

Ministerial Police are investigating the death of an American missionary couple that were found murdered last night in their home in San Francisco community in Santiago. The victims were identified as John and his wife Wanda Casias, continue reading »

Narco Blog: Victims’ Families Living in Fear 2 years After Massacre in Mexico

The families of the victims are still living in fear of drug traffickers and feeling exposed two years after the massacre of 15 young men attending a birthday party in the Villas de Salvarcar section of Ciudad Juarez, a border city in northern Mexico. continue reading »

Narco Blog: View the Inside of Two Confessed Drug Cartel Members

From high end high rises to country states with glass enclosed pools, many of the homes in this video look suspended as they have not been touched since the owners were arrested, some as many as four years ago. continue reading »

Narco Blog: Detained Zetas Cartel Member Says He Killed 75 in Mexico

A suspected member of the Los Zetas drug cartel was arrested and confessed to 75 murders, officials in the northern Mexican state of Nuevo Leon said Monday. Enrique Aurelio Elizondo "confessed that he is a member of a Los Zetas cell that operated for the past three years in the cities of Cerralvo, Paras, Agualeguas and General Treviño," state Security Council spokesman Jorge Domene said. continue reading »

Narco Blog: Police Find Dismembered Body in Trunk on Routine Acapulco Traffic Stop

After a chase and shooting that took place in Acapulco, three members of a cartel were captured last night in the vicinity of Colonia Emiliano Zapata. The three were driving a compact vehicle marked as a taxi with the dismembered r continue reading »

Narco Blog: More than 200 Detained at Mexico Nightclub after Killings

Dozens were still being held at the State Investigations Agency, or AEI, headquarters in Monterrey, all workers at the La Eternidad nightclub where the nine people killed by suspected gang members had been before their deaths and which is suspected of being a drug-distribution point. continue reading »

Narco Blog: Four Massacred in Sinaloa (Warning Graphic Photos)

The bodies of a man and women were found Wednesday morning near the Agricultural field Triple H of Villa Adolfo Lopez Mateos of Culiacan. The two bodies were tied hand and foot and blindfolded. continue reading »

Narco Blog: Young Man Killed While Paying Ransom on Kidnapped Father

Today a young man was going to pay the ransom for his father was ultimately killed himself. This drama plays out daily in the state of Nuevo Leon. Last January 17th a man who owns a taxi company was kidnapped by a group of organized crime. After the kidnapping, the criminals asked the victim's family for a ransom of 3 million pesos. continue reading »

Narco Blog: 5 Police left Dead as Cartel Attempts Rescue Mission

Six killed, including five policemen was the outcome of a shooting that occurred in the municipality of Ixtapaluca in the State of Mexico. There were two injured victims taken to a hospital in Chalco. According to official reports, the police had arrested a subject in possession of an assault rifle that was intended for the exclusive use of the Army. As they prepared to move to the Police municipal headquarters continue reading »