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Dena received her degree in Public Health and Broadcast Journalism from Arizona State University, has attended programs at Harvard and Northwestern universities and is completing her Doctor of Naturopathy Degree. Dena's Healthy U is designed to "share the health" due to her commitment to overall wellness and be of service to others through her recipes, cooking demonstrations, personal consultations and motivating and empowering speaking engagements.

Dena believes you must have the information you need to make healthy food choices and to achieve a healthful lifestyle. Equally important, she believes empowered people can help themselves to a healthier and more satisfying life.

She serves on the Board of Directors of the Integrative Medicine Program at Children's Memorial Hospital, Chicago, Il. The Healthy School Campaign; and is the founder of the not-for-profit Pink Foundation.

Dena developed the Food Detectives, an educational program for K-12 schools that empowers and encourages children to make wise and informed nutritional choices. Kids gain the necessary tools to become food detectives as they learn about the importance of reading food ingredients and saying NO to chemicals. By the end of the program they are aware of the many healthy choices available to them. The Food Detectives has brought its essential program to hundreds of schools across the country including the Saturday Enrichment Program at Northwestern University, near Chicago.

Dena's book, The Wellness Cookbook for a Healthy U, was written to provide valuable information you need to eliminate needless and painless situations by being informed and acting with confidence on the basis of your knowledge.

Blog Entries by Dena Mendes