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Andrew Sagartz, MBA, JD, is Director of BENNU Legal Services, a nonprofit supporting American Dreams by assisting immigrants and entrepreneurs. Andrew was previously with the 400-attorney law firm Jenner & Block. He obtained his law degree with honors from The Ohio State University (1998), and graduated with distinction from the MBA program of Thunderbird: The American Graduate School of International Management, the nation's highest ranked graduate school in international business. He holds an undergraduate degree in Asian Studies from Lesley College in Cambridge, MA.

BENNU Legal Services NFP (Not for Profit) is a community-based nonprofit organization that works with immigrants to build stronger and healthier communities. BENNU provides legal support and educational services to families and small business entrepreneurs on an affordable sliding scale, often on a pro-bono or a low-bono basis.

Through the legal services provided by its attorneys and paralegals, BENNU helps families to obtain legal benefits available under U.S. Immigration law. BENNU realizes its mission in two main ways: by providing legal aid, and by offering educational programs.

Bennu Legal Services - is a nonprofit agency that helps newcomers to the United States integrate into American society, thereby building stronger and healthier communities through legal counseling and education.

Visit us at: www.bennulegal.org

Blog Entries by Andrew Sagartz

Anchor’s Away! A look Inside the 14th Amendment and the Politicians Who Love to Hate It

If you have a baby, be ready to prove your own citizenship to government bureaucrats before applying for a US passport for the darling apple of your eye. continue reading »

When [in] Roma, Do as the French?

Fervent race riots spring up across the French countryside. French President Nicolas Sarkozy enthusiastically declares his commitment to dismantle and disband squatter camps, mainly occupied by Romanian and Bulgarian Roma (Gypsies). Nationwide, France conta continue reading »

Hard Times at Strawberry Packer High

"Immigrants are taking jobs that should be going to Americans!" Ignoring the obvious oxymoron from the sentence above, in which the words “Immigrant” and “American” are used in a contradictory manner when in fact they are one in the same. The sentence above has been uttered many times by politicians and everyday people alike in regard to the current immigration debate continue reading »

Race to the Bottom, or to the Bottom with Race?

Arizona’s new immigration enforcement law, SB1070, has come under much debate since April when Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed the bill into law, but even more contention has arisen from the latest events concerning the controversial bill. On July 6, the US Department of Justice filed a lawsuit challenging SB1070 citing that it had crossed a constitutional line and that “a patchwork of state and local immigration policies would seriously disrupt federal immigration enforcement.” continue reading »

Xylophones and Xenophobes

Xenophobia is defined as an uncontrollable fear of foreigners. It’s a word you don’t see in print very often. Look at it. It starts with an “X”. How many words do you know besides “Xylophone” that start with an “X”? It sounds like an extremely rare phobia, like scopophobia (the fear of being stared at) or phonophobia (the fear of loud sounds). continue reading »

Law and Border: Fear & Loathing in Phoenix

Watching the news about immigration has been pretty scary recently. One day, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer (R) “warns” the public of the excessive crime in her state. She attempts to use Hispanic immigrants as a scapegoat and invokes the nation’s fear of terrorism. continue reading »

Beyond the Melting Pot: Our “Nation of Immigrants” Has Become a Stew?

We recently celebrated another birthday of our nation, which always creates an opportunity for thoughtful reflection on what it means to be an American. The United States was long been regarded as a “melting pot,” a nation where many cultures come together to blend into one homogenous society. These days, however, perspectives about immigration have evolved into a new understanding of how our society deals with newcomers. Due to recent continue reading »

IMMIGRATION: Your Notario may be a Criminal

Maria Pizano called herself a lawyer. She tells her victims she works for Immigration. A man asks her if she could process his wife and children’s immigration papers. Pizano says she can, charges the man $550.00 up front, but then she does nothing. continue reading »

IMMIGRATION: Yo Tambien Soy “Illegal”

What’s wrong with calling someone “illegal?” After all, say anti-immigrant agitators, “they” committed a crime. Who is “they?” I have never heard the term “illegal” used to refer to a French person (or any other European) who entered the United States as a tourist or student, but then did not return when their period of authorized stay ended. continue reading »

IMMIGRATION:Eye on the Prize

People come to the United States seeking better lives. For some, it may be about broadening their opportunities. However, for many--if not most--it is not a “quality of life” issue; it is a “life” issue. Some people come legally; others not. continue reading »