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Tag Results for "Yuma Arizona"

Power Restored to Most of of AZ, California and Mexico After Major Blackout

Almost 24-hours after a massive electrical outage blacked out large portions of California, Arizona and Mexico, effecting almost 6 million people, power is now being restored. continue reading »

Inmate “Fights” to Stay in Jail for Fear of Being Killed by Los Zetas

A prisoner Arizona, who was about to be released, attacked a guard in an attempt to stay incarcerated, because he feared being killed my cartel hit men. continue reading »

This Year 23,384 Mexican Citizens Volunarily Return Home with U.S. Help

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) announced Thursday that 23,384 Mexican citizens agreed to voluntarily return to their hometowns in the interior of Mexico by participating in the Mexican Interior Repatriation Program (MIRP). continue reading »