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Tag Results for "Wtf"

14 Yr-Old Found Chained, Guarded by 11 Yr-Old Sibling, Dad Claims Its to Fight His Drug Addiction

Colombian police discovered a 14-year-old bound to a pole by iron chains held with padlocks, being guarded by his 11 year-old brother since the night before. continue reading »

Another Two-Headed Baby Born in Latin America! This One is Colombian (VIDEO)

22-year-old Yorlibeth Altamar Góngora from Sincelejo, Colombia gave birth to a baby girl with two heads last Thursday. continue reading »

“Loca People” Barcelona #1 in U.K Dance Charts (VIDEO)

Check out the video for “Loca People,” by Barcelona’s Sak Noel, number one in British Dance charts! (EXPLICIT) continue reading »

Ronaldo Gives Sporting Fans The Finger, Tells Them Where To Shove Their Jeers (VIDEO)

Ronaldo claims he was flipping off team mate Pepe as a joke, but an expert in lip reading and sign language says otherwise. continue reading »

Former PR Senator Arango’s Resignation Letter Available and You’ll Never Believe Who He Blames

Read the resignation letter here, where former Puerto Rico Senator Roberto Arango, lays the blame for publishing cyber-ass-pics on sinister political adversaries and the advances of technology. continue reading »

ANOTHER Republican Politician Caught in Sexting Scandal

Puerto Rican Senator Roberto Arango was caught sending dirty pictures from a gay hook-up site. Arango claims he’d been taking pics to document his recent weight loss. continue reading »

BIlingual Butchery: Peruvian Singer “La Tigresa del Oriente” Now Sings in English (VIDEO)

Take a look at "New Brighter Day" the new English language song of "La Tigreasa del Oriente" continue reading »

Rio De Janeiro Man Sleeps In a Coffin Every Friday

Zeli Ferreira Rossi, a retired 60 year old from Rio de Janeiro has slept inside a coffin every Friday, for the last 25 years. continue reading »

Colombian Narco Grandmother Drugs Police Dog, Pleads “Age” Immunity to be Set Free (VIDEO)

Despite being caught sneaking drugs into a prison, and then feeding them to the dog that ID’d her, she walks free, as there is no jail-time in Colombia for anyone over 65-years old. continue reading »

Could the Legendary Chupacabra be This Minnesota Roadkill? (VIDEO)

No half eaten cabras were found near this weird late mammal spotted by drivers on a Minnesota county road. continue reading »

Mexican Inmate Caught Raffling 5 Star Prison Cells, Decorated by Prison Guards

An inmate in Sonora, Mexico, was caught holding sweepstakes for 3 “luxury suite” prison cells! continue reading »

Meet “Eduardo Fresco” Wilmer Valderrama’s BIZARRE Music Alter-Ego (VIDEO)

It is unclear to us whether this video is the musical debut of That 70’s Show’s Fez, or a twisted joke called “The Way I Fiesta” continue reading »