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Tag Results for "World Youth Day"

Pope Francis Calls for an End to Poverty in Brazil

Pope Francis said Saturday that the future demands a humanistic vision of the economy and a rehabilitation of politics in order to achieve "greater participation by the people, a shunning of elitism and an end to poverty." continue reading »

Pope Francis Gives Encouraging Words to Slum Youths in Brazil

Pope Francis on Thursday visited a Brazilian shantytown that until recently was controlled by drug traffickers, where he urged young residents to fight against corruption and injustice. continue reading »

Pope, at Brazil Shrine, Urges Youth to Embrace Traditional Values

Pope Francis, receiving another rapturous welcome in Brazil, on Wednesday urged young people to shun the “ephemeral idols” of money and pleasure, and cherish traditional values to help build a better world. continue reading »

Vandals Deface, Destroy Parts of Upscale Rio de Janeiro

The upscale Rio de Janeiro neighborhoods of Leblon and Ipanema woke to the traces of violence left by demonstrators who lit bonfires in the streets and looted shops, Brazilian police said Thursday continue reading »

21-Year-Old U.S. Student Identified as Victim of Gang Rape in Brazil

Brazilian and French authorities are confirming that the victim of Sunday’s horrific kidnapping and gang rape was a 21-year-old U.S. student that was accompanied by her French boyfriend. continue reading »

Pope Francis Eagerly Looking Forward to World Youth Day in Brazil

Pope Francis I is "very excited" about his July visit to Brazil to participate in World Youth Day, Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff said here Wednesday after a meeting with the new pontiff. continue reading »

Catholic Samba Group Turns Parade into Procession After Nightclub Fire

A Catholic samba group in Rio de Janeiro changed its parade plans after the nightclub fire that killed more than 230 people, most of them students from the local university in Santa Maria. continue reading »

Rio- July 2013- Pope First to Sign Up for for World Youth Day

Germans are known for being punctual, so perhaps it should be no surprise that Pope Benedict XVI was the first person signed up for World Youth Day 2013. Registration officially opened Aug. 28, and, according to organizers, the pope was the first pilgrim to be registered for the event, which will be held in Rio de Janeiro July 23-28. continue reading »

Weekly Special: Forgiveness for Abortion Being Dispensed by the Pope Himself in Spain

When Pope Benedict arrives in Madrid this week for World Youth Day he will not only be bringing his blessings but forgiveness for any woman who confesses to having an abortion and a welcome back mat to the Catholic church. continue reading »

Madrid is Preparing to Welcome a Million Young People for World Youth Day

Major religious and cultural events are being organized for World Youth Day (WYD) in Spain by the Catholic Church that gathers around the Pope thousands of young people from all continents. continue reading »

Flower Ortega Anticipates World Youth Day 2011 (VIDEO)

A new generations of Catholics will seek out their place in the church in Madrid this August at World Youth Day 2011. continue reading »

Spain’s First Female Ambassador to Vatican Arrives in Rome

Benedict XVI, received in audience Maria Jesus Figa Lopez-Palop, the first woman to serve as Spain's Ambassador to the Holy See. continue reading »

On Palm Sunday Pope Addresses Violence in Colombia

At the end of the celebration of the solemnity of Palm Sunday and the Lord's Passion, the Holy Father prayed the Angelus with the faithful gathered in St. Peter's Square continue reading »