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Tag Results for "World Health Organization"

STUDY: By 2050, Anti-Smoking Policies Will Have Prevented 7M Deaths Worldwide

With the right measures, even more lives can be saved, WHO says. Anti-tobacco policies really do stop people from smoking and save millions of lives continue reading »

WHO: LatAm Making Progress on Highway Safety, but Problems Remain

Latin America is "making great efforts" to improve highway safety, but they are still "not sufficient," World Health Organization Department of Injuries and Violence Prevention director Etienne Krug said Thursday. continue reading »

Even In Spain, Girls Still Face Ancestral Practice of Sexual Mutilation

In Spain, thousands of African immigrant girls are facing the danger of becoming victims of female genital mutilation, an ancestral practice that sub-Saharan immigrants have brought with them and which several continue reading »

World Diabetes Day: 10% of All Latinos/Hispanics Over 20 Have Diabetes, Most Have Type 2

World Diabetes Day raises global awareness of diabetes - its escalating rates around the world and how to prevent the illness in most cases. continue reading »

World Health Organization Targets Drug-Resistant Malaria

A global plan to fight drug-resistant malaria was launched Wednesday by the World Health Organization. It said failure to combat the spread of resistance to artemisinin -- a key component of new malaria drugs -- would be "catastrophic," Agence France-Presse reported. continue reading »

Peru Has Third Highest Death Rate for Traffic Accidents in the World

According to an official report from Peru’s Ministry of Health, traffic accidents caused 17,025 deaths and 233,718 injured people between 2005 and 2009, reported RPP news service. continue reading »