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Tag Results for "Weird News "

Questions Remain About the 21-Hr Kidnapping Ordeal of Latin Teen in Nevada

The parents of 17-year-old Melissa Duran are happy to have their 17-year-old back safe and sound after a 21-hour kidnapping ordeal in Henderson, Nevada, but many questions remain. continue reading »

LATINO BLOTTER: Angel Delgado Robs Bank, Attempts to Flee on Bicycle

Reminder: When robbing bank, procure quick getaway vehicle. Angel Delgado has learned that the hard way after he attempted to flee a bank robbery scene on a bicycle. continue reading »

SPAIN: Hospital Workers Confuse Patient with Roommate, Subject her to Unnecessary Treatment

In November, a woman staying at hospital in Spain recently won a lawsuit in which she claimed workers confused her with her roommate and subjected her to unnecessary treatment. continue reading »

Massachusetts Man Lifts SUV to Save Neighbor Who Became Trapped When it Fell

There is a new hero in one Massachusetts town, and his name is Carlos Castro. The 48-year-old man recently saved a man’s life by pulling an SUV off of him.. While changing a tire at a Brockton, Mass. home Rob Brown became trapped when the jack holdin continue reading »

LATINO BLOTTER: At Least 33 Years for Wife Who Lit Husband, Home on Fire

Finding out your husband is cheating on you can being both hurtful and infuriating, but what one wife did was unthinkable. After a two week trial, Georgina Pontes Furtado Vilela continue reading »

Accused Murderers Dragged from Jail by Mob, Burned Alive

Angry and frustrated over the lack of safety in the area, a Bolivian mob dragged two Brazilians being jailed as murder suspects out of their cells, beat them, and burned them alive. continue reading »

LATINO BLOTTER: Prisoners Attempt to Escape Brazilian Prison Disguised as Garbage

Two Brazilian prisoners were recently caught trying to escape in garbage bags. Carlos Pereira, 19, and Sidney da Cruz, 24, were attempting to get out of Brazil’s Delegacia de Fu continue reading »

LATINO BLOTTER: Did Michael Mendez Keep Woman Locked Up in Room For Years?

The woman police believe may have been locked in a bedroom for years is now defending the man suspected of keeping her there. According to police, Michael Mendez, 42, is a member of the Latin Kings street gang and when they entered continue reading »

LATINO BLOTTER: Woman Attacked by Ex-Boyfriend Who Hid in Trunk of Car

Peter Maya is facing kidnapping and battery charges after he hid in the trunk of his ex-girlfriend’s car and climbed into the backseat and attacked her. Police say Maya, 24, was hiding in the trunk of Keisha Bethel of Oaklan continue reading »

LATINO BLOTTER: Angry Wife Tries to Run Over Husband, Injures Little Girl

After an argument with her husband, Texas wife attempted to run him over but instead severely injured a young girl. Police say a very intoxicated Martina Cooper Hernandez, continue reading »

Michael Martinez Stabbed For Smacking Girlfriend’s Sunburned Butt

After getting badly sunburned, Tiffany Sherry returned to her Pennsylvania home in pain. He boyfriend had no idea that one smack of the tush would land him the hospital. continue reading »

Yovany Gonzalez Claims Wells Fargo Fired Him Because Daughter’s Cancer Bills Were too High

According to a lawsuit filed on behalf of Yovany Gonzalez, Wells Fargo fired him when the cost of his daughter’s cancer treat got too high. Three days prior to a scheduled surgery for his daughter Mackenzie continue reading »

Texas Man Sees Jesus on his Tortilla

Jesus has once again made an appearance on a tortilla. A man in Texas believes he the latest to have seem Jesus Christ in his food. While eating breakfast one morning, 80-year-old Ernesto Garza continue reading »

LATINO BLOTTER: Felon Shoots Self with Homemade Gun he Made Because he Can’t Buy Firearm

A Florida man was hospitalized and arrested after his homemade gun fired at his leg. Manny Garrido, 23, of Lake Worth, decided he needed a gun for his protection. However, as a felon, Garrido was no continue reading »

Remains of “Ape Woman” to Finally be Returned and Buried in Mexico

Known as the “Ape Woman”, the body of Julia Pastrana is being returned to Mexico after decades in Europe. Pastrana worked as a carnival sideshow attraction known as the “Ape Woman”. continue reading »

Taco Bell Employee Pees on Nachos, Posts the Photo Online, Gets Outed by ‘Anonymous’ Hacker

"Nothing is more important than the safety of our customers and team members. We have strict food handling procedures and zero tolerance for any violations." continue reading »

LATINO BLOTTER: Pulls Out Pockets to Prove he Has No Drugs, Drops Drugs

A not-so-smart alleged drug dealer was recently questioned by police at a bar in Florida, but in trying to prove he had no drugs, he did just the opposite. continue reading »

73 Year Old Retired Brazilian Teacher Demands Missing Money ( $25) at Gunpoint from Bank

A 73-year-old retired teacher went into a bank in Brazil and demanded at gunpoint that the financial institution return 50 reais (about $25) that a teller failed to give her when she made a withdrawal a day earlier, media reports said. Janet Benfatti was carrying a loaded revolver when she entered a Banco Itau branch Wednesday in Sao Jose de Rio Preto continue reading »

Latino Blotter:  Senior Citizens Arrested for Public Oral Sex in Park Amidst Vodka Bottles

Myrtle Beach Police have arrested a senior citizen couple in the local Balsam Park for indecent exposure and public intoxication. Police encountered 64-year-old Audra Rodriguez with her underwear and shorts pulled down to her ankles continue reading »

LATINO BLOTTER: Florida Woman Interrupts Trip to Salon to Run Across Street to Slap Someone

A 26-year-old Florida woman was arrested for running across the street to slap another woman across the face. Police in Naples say Dorys Leidys Quintana was at a hair salon with she spott continue reading »