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Tag Results for "Weird News "

LATINO BLOTTER: Woman Performs Oral Sex on Man in Back of Police Van

A woman being transported to a Las Vegas jail in a police van reportedly performed oral sex on a man also in the van. According to accounts from both the corrections officer and another inmate in the back of the van continue reading »

California News Anchor Facing Public-Intoxication Charges

A California news anchor is facing public-intoxication charges mere months after her disappearance sparked an extensive search. On Monday, Paula Lopez of KEYT News was arrested near her home in Santa continue reading »

LATINO BLOTTER: Waitress Accused of Pocketing $75k From Restaurant Patrons

A New York waitress has been accused to pocketing tens of thousands of dollars in exchange for reducing patrons' bills. Judith Mejia, a long-time waitress at Cosmic Diner in midtown Manhattan, has been accused by the restaurant owners of redu continue reading »

Newly Elected Mayor in Mexico Use to be Dead, Arrested for Faking Death & Avoiding Rape Charges

A politician who was elected mayor of a city in the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca earlier this month has been arrested for faking his death in 2010 to avoid prosecution, officials said Wednesday. continue reading »

Spanish Beer Chugging Champ Dies After Competition

A Spanish man who had just won a beer chugging contest is dead after reportedly downing many liters of the alcoholic beverage. Authorities say Joaquin Alcaraz Gracia, 45, won a beer drinking contest on Wednesday at an annual drinking festival continue reading »

Woman Reunited with Dog After Others Hold it for Ransom

A California woman is all smiles after her stolen dog was returned to her just in time for her birthday. More than two years ago, Adeline Cruz of Los Angeles' Mission Hills neighborhood was devastated when her 4-year-old Shih Tzu-Pekingese disappeared from her board-and-batten house with horses. continue reading »

Mexican Flight Attendant in Costa Rica Found to Have $160k Strapped to Body

A 28-year-old Mexican flight attendant was arrested in Costa Rica with $160,000 she was carrying attached to her body, the Security Ministry said. continue reading »

Medical Mystery:  Chilean Girl Cries Tears of Blood (VIDEO)

Medical personnel in the town of Purranque, Chile have a medical mystery on their hands, one that is getting a lot of attention outside their region. continue reading »

Is This UFO Over Peru a Sign of Aliens? (VIDEO)

A number of people near Lima, Peru have reported seeing an odd shape in the sky in recent weeks, prompting many to wonder if the UFO is a sign of alien visitors. continue reading »

LATINO BLOTTER: California Man Faces Charges for Painting Crosswalk on Street

A California man was recently charged with vandalism for his attempt to make his area safer. Anthony Cardenas, 52, of Vallejo, Calif. was arrested last week for "vandalizing" a street by painting a crosswalk on it. continue reading »

LATINO BLOTTER: Woman Bites Husband’s Penis for Being Forced to Leave Rodeo Early

A California man says he regrets calling police after his wife bit his penis during an argument. Over the holiday weekend, Christina Salinas and her husband Anthony Hill continue reading »

Spanish Woman Steals Money from Son’s Bar, Loses it Gambling

Police in Spain say a woman claiming her son's bar had been robbed actually stole the money herself. Investigators say the 56-year-old woman stole money from the bar located in Artana, continue reading »

Parents & 1-Year-Old Passed Out from “Pot” Smoke Found in Car at McDonald’s Drive-Thru

Ashley Moreno and Alejandro Rodriguez just might qualify for worse parents of the year. The 22-year-old parents and their one-year-old child were found passed out inside their vehicle at a McDonald’s drive thru at 3:30 a.m. on Sunday. continue reading »

First Child Born in Spanish Village in 45 Years

A village in Spain had been without children for 45 years, but that recently changed when a couple moved to the village so their child could grow up with her grandparents. continue reading »

Brazilian Bruno Coutinho Accidentally Shot Himself in the Head with Harpoon but Survived

The Mirror in England reports that a Brazilian man shot himself through the eye with a six-inch harpoon - and survived. Bruno Coutinho was cleaning his gun when he accidentally fired it, sending the spear through his left eye and into the back of his skull. continue reading »

Accidental Drug Trafficker: Woman Unaware She Brought Drugs into US

A woman traveling into the U.S. from Mexico for work was shocked to learn she had transported around 30 pounds of marijuana into the country. According to police, the 33-year-old woman, who lives in Mexico, continue reading »

Florida Man Building Replica of Noah’s Ark in Miami

After Hurricane Katrina left many animals without food or water, one Florida man came up with the idea to build a replica of Noah's Ark. Rodolfo Almira of Miami-Dade County is building the replica and turning it into a museu continue reading »

LATINO BLOTTER:  Teen Tries Selling Baby Alligator on Craigslist or Trade it for Gecko

A sharp DNR officer noticed, 19-year-old Juan DeJesus’ Craiglist’s ad selling a baby alligator for $300. Under a ruse a DNR agent agreed to buy the alligator and go to DeJesus’ Chicagoland home to pick it up. continue reading »

University of Puerto Rico Finance Chief Resigns After Being Duped

The head of finances at the University of Puerto Rico resigned after a scammer bilked the institution out of $150,000, UPR President Miguel Muñoz said Tuesday. continue reading »

Spanish Man On 5-Year Walk Around the Globe to Promote Environmental Awareness

A Spanish man recently began a walk around the world to "promote love and respect for the environment." On March 21, 32-year-old Ignacio Dean Mouliaa set off on what is expected to be a 5-year walk, dubbed the "Earth Wide Walk." continue reading »