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Tag Results for "Weed"

Europe’s Biggest Illegal Pot Plantation Found in Spain

Authorities have found the largest illegal marijuana plantation in Europe, with about 10,000 plants in 16 greenhouses, on a farm in the eastern Spanish province of Alicante. continue reading »

Male Model and Surfer Arrested in Dominican Republic for Selling ‘Cigar-Sized’ Joints

Dominican Republic authorities are reporting that Richard Michael Spelman, a California surf instructor and male model can be detained for a year without bail, while prosecutors prepare a drug trafficking case against him. continue reading »

Thousands March for Pot Legalization in Medellín, Colombia

Thousands march for pot legalization in Medellín, Colombia. Organizers of the march also encouraged participants to bring non-perishables and hygiene utensils for victims of the rain season in the region. continue reading »