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Tag Results for "War On Drugs"

Venezuela Captures Drug-Smuggling Plane With Help of Drones

Venezuelan authorities captured a drug-smuggling plane after the aircraft was spotted by one of the drones the Andean nation is developing in partnership with Iran, President Hugo Chavez said Wednesday. continue reading »

Venezuela, Bolivia Dispute Drug Trafficking Accusations Made by the U.S.

The governments of both Venezuela and Bolivia rejected Saturday the accusations made against them by the White House in its latest memo regarding the war on drugs, and said the U.S. was chiefly responsible for this scourge. continue reading »

‘Caravan for Peace’ Arrives in Washington D.C., Traveling 6,000 Miles from Mexico

The Caravan for Peace arrived in Washington, the last stop on its tour of the United States, during which families of the victims of violence on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border have marked "an end and a beginning" with their condemnation of the war on drugs. continue reading »

What Does Juarez’s Lower Murder Rate Really Mean?

For too long, the mere mention of Juarez elicited comments about murder and an overall lack of safety, but things in the murderous Mexican city may finally be changing. According to El Diario continue reading »

Calderon Says Peña Nieto Will Continue Anti-Drug Strategy in Mexico

Mexican President Felipe Calderon said in an interview published Sunday by Spain's El Pais newspaper that he was convinced that his anti-drug strategy and reforms would be continued by Enrique Peña Nieto, of the Institutional Revolutionary Party, or PRI, who won the July 1 presidential election. continue reading »

Mexico’s War on Drugs Looking For Greater International Cooperation

Mexico wants to expand international cooperation in the war on drugs to create "new strategies and lines of action," Mexican Deputy Attorney General for Judicial and International Affairs Alejandro Ramos told Efe. continue reading »

Victims of Mexico’s Drug War Prepare “Caravan for Peace” for U.S. Tour

Javier Sicilia and Mexico’s Movement for Peace with Justice and Dignity have announced they will lead a caravan across the U.S. this summer to call an end to the ongoing drug war. continue reading »

Like the Failed ATF “Fast and Furious”, the DEA is Trying to Track Money They’ve Given to Cartels

According to the New York Times, while attempting to track money that was believed to be making it into the hands of drug cartels, the U.S. government was actually laundering and smuggling money from and for the drug organizations. continue reading »

Honduras Extradites Reputed Guatemalan Drug Lord to the US

Honduras on Thursday turned over to U.S. authorities a reputed drug kingpin from Guatemala who was arrested here in May. continue reading »

U.S. Anti-Drug Aid to Mexico is Part of “Shared Responsibility for the War on Drugs”

U.S. assistance to Mexico's battle against drug cartels "is not a handout" but rather an alliance against organized crime, Washington's envoy here said upon delivering a fourth Blackhawk helicopter as part of the Merida Initiative. continue reading »

Bolivian Narcos Dig Up Dead Narco Mule to Extract Cocaine Cargo

A 55 year old man who had died in May got dug up recently, his insides dissected and spilled on the ground as narcos exhumed his body to retrieve the cocaine cargo in his belly. continue reading »

More Mayhem in Veracruz, Mexico

Just two days after the signing of the plan "Veracruz Seguro" between the federal government and the state government of Veracruz, 32 bodies were found in 3 houses, and another 4 bodies were found on the same day, continue reading »

NARCO BLOG Armed Men Attack Family in Nayarit

A family was attacked by armed men last Thursday night at the community of Pantanal, in the Xalisco municipality of Nayarit. continue reading »

32 Zetas Arrested in Hidalgo

Authorities from the state of Hidalgo, have presented the 32 zeta members, who were captured during the weekend. continue reading »

Three Children Die As A Result of Molotov Attack in Ciudad Juárez

A group of unidentified thugs drove by a Ciudad Juárez home, and threw a Molotov cocktail through the window of the bedroom where the children slept. continue reading »

Thousands March in Mexico to Protest Drug Violence (VIDEO)

Several cities across Mexico are holding marches, after thugs assassinated seven people, one of which was the son of poet Javier Sicilia. continue reading »

Large Scale Catapult - Newest Mexican Drug Cartel Tool (VIDEO)

Get your mind out of the gutter. They were slinging drugs across the border with a catapult. continue reading »

Former President of Mexico Wants to Legalize Drugs, Specifically Marijuana

Vicente Fox, president of Mexico from 2000 to 2006, has changed his stance against drugs to one in favor of the legalization of all drugs. continue reading »

Bolivia Appeals to the UN to Legalize Chewable Coca Leaf

Chewing coca leaves has been a common practice among Andean indigenous populations through countless generations, dating back to pre-Colombus times. continue reading »

BUSTED Largest Cocaine Lab in Europe Has Been Dismantled in Spain (VIDEO)

The largest cocaine laboratory in Spain, has been busted; it existed surrounded by sheep and cattle at the end of a muddy road, some 40 miles from Madrid. continue reading »