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Tag Results for "Vote 2012"

Leaders Urge the 8.2 Million with Green Cards to Become Citizens

Hispanic activists say that more than 8 million permanent residents have not become U.S. citizens, and so they continue to be unprotected from aggressive policies against immigrants and are losing political influence. "Every person who qualifies to be a permanent resident and does not apply for citizenship should be aware continue reading »

Hispanic Voters Put Other Issues Before Immigration

U.S. Hispanics prioritize immigration, healthcare, and unemployment to equal degrees, according to a new USA Today/Gallup poll asking about the importance of six national policy issues. Twenty percent of Hispanics each mention one of the top three issues as mattering most to them, while 17% name economic growth, continue reading »

Washington Post Claims Hispanic Voter Registation is Down, Obama Camp Cries False

In response to a Washington Post article titled, "Voter registration down among Hispanics, blacks,"President Obama's Director of Constituency Press released a piece of their own calling the Post article inaccurate due to the use of 18-mponth-old Census data from November 2010. continue reading »

“A Republican Probably Can’t Win Without About 40 percent, Minimum, of the Hispanic And Latino V

"A Republican probably can't win without about 40 percent, minimum, of the Hispanic and Latino vote." You've heard that many times from America's Voice. Now, it's coming from a leading political pundit, Larry Sabato: continue reading »

Gingrich Sees Immigrants as Humans- Will He Be Nominated?

Can GOP voters stomach a presidential candidate who talks about undocumented immigrants without calling them “illegals”? Can the tea party base that’s driving the Republican party handle a presidential hopeful who acknowledges the impossibility of deporting every one of the estimated 11 million continue reading »

More than 8 million Hispanics are Eligible to Vote, But Have Not Registered to Do So

Telemundo launched today its multiplatform public service campaign “Vota por tu Futuro” (Vote for Your Future) which aims to boost electoral participation among Hispanics in continue reading »