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Tag Results for "Violence In Mexico "

Mexico Inaugurates Memorial to 70,000 Victims of Drug-War

A memorial to the more than 70,000 people killed in drug-war violence in Mexico since December 2006 was inaugurated Friday in Mexico City. continue reading »

4 Bodies, Including 13-Year-Old Boy Found on Road in Chihuahua

Four people, one of them a 13-year-old boy, were found fatally shot on a road in the northern border state of Chihuahua, Mexican authorities said Friday. continue reading »

Police Foil Plot to Assassinate Mexican Lawmakers

Several people were arrested here Thursday on suspicion they planned to kill two leftist legislators, the Mexican Attorney General's Office said. continue reading »

Peace Activist Javier Sicilia Wants Bicentennial Monument Dedicated to Victims of Violence

An online campaign launched by human rights activists seeks to turn Mexico's Bicentennial Monument into a memorial to victims of violence, organizers said. continue reading »

Mexican Family of 5 Killed in Sinaloa

At least five people, all members of the same family, were gunned down outside the Mexican Pacific port city of Mazatlan, police and prosecutors said. continue reading »

Blog del Narco: Nine Dismembered Bodies in SUV Found in Tamaulipas, Mexico

Nine bodies, the majority of them dismembered, were found inside an SUV with Texas tags in Ciudad Victoria, the capital of the northeastern Mexican state of Tamaulipas, state officials said. continue reading »

Raramuri Indians Pray for Expulsion of Narcos in Mexico

The Raramuri Indians are using Holy Week to pray for the expulsion of drug traffickers from their lands in northern Mexico's Chihuahua state. continue reading »

7 Gunned Down in Northern Mexico

Seven people were fatally shot early Friday at a bar in the northern Mexican city of Chihuahua, authorities said. The rifle-toting assailant entered the Mogavi bar in the wee hours and began shooting indiscriminately, a source in the Chihuahua police department told Efe. continue reading »

Blog del Narco: Remains of a Woman Decapitated, Burnt in Nuevo Leon

With the capture of several criminals, the State Investigation Agency discovered the body of a woman who had been decapitated and burnt in Linares. continue reading »

Vigilante Group Shows Force Before Pulling Out of Mexican Town

The vigilante group that occupied Tierra Colorada made a show of force before pulling out of the town in the Mexican state of Guerrero. continue reading »

Blog del Narco: Authorities Uncover Drug Grave in Southern Mexico

The bodies of four people, three men and a woman, in various stages of decomposition were found yesterday morning in Guerrero State in a narcofosa (drug grave). According to reports, an anonymous call tipped off police as to the location of the bodies. continue reading »

Blog del Narco: Taxi Driver’s Body Discovered With More Than 16 Bullet Wounds (Photo Warning)

A man was found dead with more than 16 bullet wounds inside the taxi he was driving, his neighbors reported to the proper authorities, after hearing the gun shots. The murder occurred during the early hours of Tuesday in San Cristobal Jáltipan Township of Morelos, where the body was located inside the cab 220 of the town of Jáltipan, with more than 16 bullets, and a message. continue reading »

Mexican Government May Offer Armored Cars to Threatened Journalists

The government of the southwestern Mexican state of Michoacan may provide some journalists with armored vehicles, bulletproof vests and protection for their families under a bill still in the preparation stage. continue reading »

Vigilantes Release 18 Hostages, Including 12 Police Suspected of Drug Trafficking Ties

A vigilante group has released the 12 police officers and six civilians it took hostage in the southern Mexican state of Guerrero after cutting a deal with prosecutors, spokesmen for the grassroots organization said. continue reading »

Blog del Narco: Nephew of “La Mona” Executed in Mexico

Police have identified the nephew of Román Antonio Miranda, alias "La Mona," as one of the three young men executed and abandoned at the side of the Mexico-Acapulco highway. continue reading »

Mayor of Mexican City in Oaxaca Ambushed and Killed

In Mexico News, Oaxacan authorities are reporting the mayor of San Juan Mixtepec and a police officer were attacked and killed on Sunday morning as they were driving through the city. continue reading »

Suspected Drug Traffickers Kill 5 Police, 14 Civilians in Western Mexico

Five Federal Police officers and 14 other people died in attacks staged by suspected drug traffickers in the western Mexican states of Guerrero and Michoacan, a Federal Police spokesman told Efe. continue reading »

Mexican Government Vows to Reduce Violence in Federal Operations

The Mexican government is doing everything possible to reduce the level of violence in operations involving federal security forces, which will remain deployed across the country as long as necessary, federal security spokesman Eduardo Sanchez said. continue reading »

Gun Violence in Mexico Claims More Innocent Lives

A minor and a man died during a series of "chases and confrontations between armed civilians" in Reynosa, a border city in northern Mexico, officials said. continue reading »

After 100 Days in Office Peña Nieto Vows to Change Mexico

President Enrique Peña Nieto marked his first 100 days in office by vowing to bring wide-ranging reform and structural changes to Mexico. "Each decision made, each action taken is in response to the great goal we set on the first day - to transform Mexico," Peña Nieto told a gathering of business and political leaders at the National Palace in Mexico City. continue reading »