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Tag Results for "Violence In Mexico "

Spanish Rape Victims Bought Drugs from their Attackers Say Mexican Authorities

According to reports Mexican authorities are alleging the six Spanish tourists that were raped knew their attackers having purchased drugs from them in the days leading up to the attack. continue reading »

Experts Say Widespread Corruption Amongst Mexican Police is Tolerated

Police officers renting their patrol cars and uniforms to criminals, and paying supervisors for a particular beat are some of the common corrupt practices that occur in Mexico, where there is widespread social acceptance of corruption, experts said. continue reading »

7 Killed in Shootout with Troops in Northern Mexico

Seven armed individuals were killed in a shootout with a convoy of soldiers in northeastern Mexico, military officials said. The shootout occurred Friday on a rural road near installations of state-owned oil monopoly Petroleos Mexicanos on the outskirts of Ciudad Victoria, capital of Tamaulipas state. continue reading »

Mexican Priest Hope His Films of Peace Will Reduce Narco Violence

The violence associated with organized crime that is besetting Mexico has spurred a Catholic priest to write and produce a series of short film features that he hopes will touch the hearts of both victims and victimizers. continue reading »

Police Discover 17 Bodies in Well in Northern Mexico

Authorities in the northern Mexican state of Nuevo Leon have concluded the work of recovering and identifying a total of 17 bodies found in a well, officials said Wednesday. continue reading »

Mexican Businessman Files Complaint Against Brother Who Allegedly Shot Him

A prominent businessman filed a criminal complaint with prosecutors in the northern Mexican state of Nuevo Leon in which he alleges that he was shot by his brother, officials said. continue reading »

Shootout Between Rivaling Gangs Kills 6 in Mexico

At least six suspected criminals were killed and one other was wounded in a shootout in the western Mexican state of Jalisco, officials said. continue reading »

Mexican Police Kill 11 Gunmen in Multiple Shootouts

Police killed 11 suspected gunmen in two shootouts this weekend in Mexico, officials said. Five gunmen died in a shootout that lasted more than an hour in Los Mochis, a city in the northwestern state of Sinaloa, the state Attorney General's Office said. continue reading »

Mexican Authorities Arrest 158 Polices with Ties to Organized Crime

Federal and state agents arrested 158 municipal police in the northern Mexican state of Durango for alleged ties to organized crime, officials said. continue reading »

Mexican Olympian Noe Hernandez Dies 2 Weeks After Shooting

Mexican former track star and Olympic silver medalist Noe Hernandez died Wednesday after going into cardiac arrest, two and a half weeks after being shot in the head at a nightclub, the Mexican Athletics Federation told Efe. He was 34. continue reading »

Pres. Obama Receives Letter with Over 50,000 Signatures from Mexicans Asking to Stop Flow of Guns

Mexican activists Javier Sicilia and Sergio Aguayo on Monday delivered to the U.S. Embassy in this capital a letter signed by more than 50,000 people in which they ask Washington for concrete measures to halt the "illegal and immoral" flow of weapons to Mexico. continue reading »

Kidnapped Spaniards Found Safe in Mexico

Mexican authorities have found alive two Spanish cousins who disappeared six days ago in the western state of Michoacan, the possible victims of a kidnaping, officials told Efe on Sunday. continue reading »

Mexican Peasants, Indians Take a Stance Against Organized Crime

Hundreds of peasants and Indians in the southern Mexican state of Guerrero have responded to the scourge of organized crime by arming themselves, detaining suspected criminals and setting up checkpoints at the entrances to their communities, Efe confirmed. continue reading »

Police Discover 5 Brutally Murdered Bodies in Guadalajara

Gangland violence has claimed five more lives in Guadalajara, Mexico's second-most-populous city, Jalisco state authorities said Friday. continue reading »

Mexican Olympian Noe Hernandez Says He Targeted When Shot at Nightclub

Mexican Olympic medalist Noe Hernandez said Wednesday that the gunshot wound to the head he suffered at a nightclub late last month was not accidental. continue reading »

Latin America News:  Mexico Adopts Crime Victims’ Rights Law

Mexico's Congress promulgated on Wednesday a measure obliging the government to protect and make whole victims of the gangland violence that has claimed some 70,000 lives in the last six years. continue reading »

Blog del Narco:  Gunmen Attack Bars in Torreon Mexico, At Least 8 Dead

At least eight people were killed and four others wounded in attacks by gunmen on two bars in Torreon, a city in the northern Mexican state of Coahuila, the state police said Sunday. continue reading »

REPORT:  Organized Crime in Mexico Blamed for 12,394 Death in 2012

Violence related to organized crime resulted in 12,394 deaths in Mexico last year, capital daily Milenio said Wednesday. continue reading »

Olympic Medal Winner, Noe Hernandez, Shot Near Mexico City Night Club

Mexican Olympic medalist Noe Hernandez remains stable three days after being shot in the head at a nightclub in metropolitan Mexico City, although his condition is still life-threatening, doctors said Wednesday. continue reading »

9 Gunned Down in Sinaloa on Christmas Eve

At least nine people were killed by gunmen in El Platanar de los Ontiveros, a town in the northwestern Mexican state of Sinaloa, media reports said. continue reading »