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Tag Results for "Violence In Guatemala"

One of the Río Negro Massacres Occurred in Guatemala in 1982

Today in Latin American history, one of the Río Negro massacres took place in Guatemala in 1982. On the day of the massacre, 74 people from Río Negro (55 men and 19 women) went to Xococ to recover the identity cards. Once there, they were executed by the patrollers. continue reading »

Liquor Store Armed Standoff Leaves 11 Dead, 18 Wounded in Guatemala

A violent standoff in Guatemala at a San Jose Nacahuil liquor store has left 11 dead and 18 others injured. Authorities say they do not know the cause of the armed standoff. San Jose Nacahuil is located some 16 miles north of the capital city of Guatemala City. continue reading »

Gunmen Kill 11 in Guatemalan Indian Village

At least 11 people were killed and more than a dozen others, including three children, were wounded when gunmen opened fire on a liquor store in San Jose Nacahuil, an Indian community in central Guatemala, officials said Sunday. continue reading »

Guatemalan Police Arrest 34 for Murders of 9 Cops

The investigation into the June 13 killings of nine police officers in the western province of Quetzaltenango has led to the arrest of 34 suspects, Guatemala's interior minister said Wednesday. continue reading »

Guatemalan Gangs Targeting Bus Drivers

Gang members killed two people and three others in Guatemala City Friday in attacks on bus drivers who failed to pay protection money, Guatemalan police said. continue reading »

Drug Traffickers Blamed for Massacre of Cops in Guatemala

Drug traffickers were behind the killings of eight police officers in the western province of Quetzaltenango, Guatemalan President Otto Perez Molina said Friday. continue reading »

Guatemala’s Homicide Rate Jumps 9 Percent in 2013

The 2,597 homicides committed in Guatemala in the first five months of the year represent an increase of 9 percent over the same period in 2012, the Mutual Support Group, or GAM, said Thursday. continue reading »

Guatemalan Authorities Dismantle 2 Gangs, Arrest 34 Members

Two criminal organizations run by the Mara 18 and Mara Salvatrucha gangs have been dismantled and 34 people arrested in Guatemala, the National Civilian Police, or PNC, said. continue reading »

Guatemala Says Los Zetas Responsible for Massacre

The killing of seven men at a medical complex in this capital was the work of drug-cartel enforcers, Guatemala's interior minister said Friday. continue reading »

Guatemalan Family of 4 Murdered in Their Beds

Four members of a family were fatally shot inside their home in the eastern Guatemalan province of Zacapa, authorities said Wednesday. The attack took place Tuesday night in the hamlet of La Plancha, about 156 kilometers (97 miles) east of the capital, a spokesman for fire rescue said. continue reading »

Protests in Guatemala Leave 4 Dead, 20 Injured

Four people were killed and more than 20 others wounded Thursday in confrontation between protesters and security forces in the western Guatemalan province of Solola, authorities said. continue reading »

LATINO BLOTTER:  Five Men Tortured and Strangled in Guatemalan Auto-Repair Shop

The bodies of five strangled men were found Saturday inside an auto-repair shop on the southeast side of the Guatemalan capital, emergency workers said. continue reading »

Thousands Protest in Guatemala Against Daily Violence

Thousands of Catholics attended the peaceful march through the streets of the capital of Guatemala, on Saturday, October 22, to express their condemnation to the violence that causes about 17 deaths in the country every day continue reading »

UPDATE: Suspect Named in Connection With Facundo Cabral’s Murder

Costa Rican Alejandro Jiménez Gonzalez has been named as the main suspect in connection with the murder of the singer Facundo Cabral, last month in Guatemala. continue reading »

Guatemalan Prosecutor Murdered and Dismembered by Drug Gang Los Zetas

Wednesday, officials in central Guatemala, say the body of the prosecutor investigating the massacre of 27 people in the country was found, and it had been dismembered. Officials believe it was the work of the drug gang Los Zetas. continue reading »

Guatemala Soccer Team Facing Death Threats for Poor Performance, Manager Murdered 2 Days Ago

The Guatemala soccer league is calling on the government to provide extra security and vigilance after the killing of a team’s vice president/manager Noe Gomez. continue reading »

5 killed, a Dozen Injured in Guatemala City Molotov Cocktail Attack

Five people have died and a dozen others injured as a result of a fire inside a Guatemalan bus that police says may have been caused by an attack with a home made explosive device, like a molotov cocktail. continue reading »