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Tag Results for "Violence In Brazil"

Spanish Environmentalist Who Reported on Illegal Logging is Slain in Brazil

A Spanish biologist and environmental activist was murdered in the Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro, officials said Wednesday. Gonzalo Alonso Hernandez, who lived in Rio de Janeiro state, may have been killed because he reported poaching and illegal logging. continue reading »

Brazilian Police Crack Down on Organized Crime

Brazil's Federal Police arrested 18 people Tuesday in a crackdown on an extermination squad that operated in Natal, capital of the northeastern state of Rio Grande do Norte. continue reading »

Brazilian Police Arrest 30 Suspected Gang Members in Rio

State police arrested 30 people suspected of belonging to the gang that controls drug trafficking in Rocinha, the largest "favela," or shantytown, in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazilian officials said. continue reading »

Brazil Robbers Kill Little Boy “Because He Wouldn’t Stop Crying”

Robbers who assaulted the home of a Bolivian couple before dawn Friday in the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo killed their only child "because he wouldn't stop crying," police officials said. continue reading »

Favela Violence in Brazil Leads to 9 Deaths

Nine people were killed in clashes between police and members of a gang of drug traffickers in a Rio de Janeiro slum, Brazilian authorities said Tuesday. continue reading »

Brazilian Police Officer Killed During Ambush, 26th Death This Year

A policeman was shot to death on the weekend in an attack by two men riding a motorcycle in eastern Sao Paulo, bringing the number of Military Police officers killed in Brazil so far this year to 26, authorities said. continue reading »

2 Men Arrested For Raping Tourist in Brazil

Two men were arrested for robbing and raping a foreign tourist aboard a microbus in Rio de Janeiro and beating her boyfriend, Brazilian police said Sunday. continue reading »

Santa Catarina’s Tourist Region in Brazil Experiencing Wave of Violent Attacks

Brazilian police on Sunday killed an alleged criminal in the city of Joinville, in Santa Catarina state, a tourist region in southern Brazil that has been experiencing a wave of violent attacks in recent days, official sources reported. continue reading »

Latin America News: Unidentified Gunman Opens Fire at Brazil Carnival, 2 Dead, 10 Wounded

An unidentified gunman killed two people and wounded 10 others at a carnival in Nova Friburgo, a city near Rio de Janeiro, Brazilian police said. continue reading »

Latin America News: Brazilian Reporter Gunned Down Outside His House

Brazilian journalist Renato Machado Goncalves was shot and killed outside his home in this metropolis, the radio station he partly owned reported Wednesday. continue reading »

Death Toll of Bar Shooting in Brazil Rises to 7

The death toll from the massacre at a bar in Sao Paulo, Brazil's largest city, has risen to seven, with the evidence pointing to the possible role of police officers in the crime, officials said. continue reading »

Assailants Attack Bar in Brazil, Killing 6

A group of unknown assailants killed six people early Saturday at a bar in Sao Paulo, an incident that comes amid a recent wave of violence in Brazil's largest metropolis. continue reading »

Sao Paulo Sees 71 Percent Increase in Murders

The 170 homicides registered last month here in Brazil's largest city represents an increase of 71 percent over November 2011, the Sao Paulo state government said Friday. continue reading »

Violence Responsible for 45 Percent of Teen Deaths in Brazil

Homicide is the leading cause of death among adolescents in Brazil, where three of every 1,000 teens will be murdered before reaching 19, a report released here Thursday says. continue reading »

8 Killed, Buses Set On Fire in Sao Paulo This Week

At least eight people were killed in shootouts Friday night at different points around Sao Paulo in the latest episode in the wave of violence that has shaken Brazil's largest city since early October, officials said Saturday. continue reading »

Police Operation Kills 6 in Rio de Janeiro Slums

Brazilian police killed at least six suspected drug-gang members in two operations early Saturday in Rio de Janeiro slums. continue reading »

Brazilian Police Arrest 5 Men Who Took Family Hostage

Five men who were on the run after firing shots at a police patrol here in Brazil's largest city invaded a private home and held the family hostage for more than an hour before surrendering, authorities said Friday. continue reading »

Violence in Sao Paulo Continues, 5 More Gunned Down

Five people were killed and three others wounded overnight in separate shootings in Brazil's largest city and its suburbs, authorities said Wednesday. continue reading »

83 Killed in Sao Paulo Over Last 11 Days

Another 10 people - one of them a police officer - were killed in Sao Paulo overnight, bringing to 83 the number of murders committed over the last 11 days in Brazil's largest city and financial capital, authorities said Friday. continue reading »

Brazil Sees 21.8 Percent Increase in Violent Deaths in Sao Paulo

The number of violent deaths here in Brazil's largest city climbed 21.8 percent in the first half of this year compared with the same period in 2011, the Sao Paulo state government said Thursday. continue reading »