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Tag Results for "Vera Cruz Mexico"

500-Year Old Petroglyphs Found in Vera Cruz’ Huasteca Region

Mexico’s National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) is researching what are believed to be 500-year-old petroglyphs, discovered by a farmer in Alamo-Temapache in the state of Vera Cruz. continue reading »

More Mayhem in Veracruz, Mexico

Just two days after the signing of the plan "Veracruz Seguro" between the federal government and the state government of Veracruz, 32 bodies were found in 3 houses, and another 4 bodies were found on the same day, continue reading »

Mexico Cracks Down on Corrupt Mayors, 33 Accused and Detained

In a state wide corruption sweep the government in the state of Veracruz, Mexico has arrested 33 former mayors and over 100 former municipal workers on charges of corruption and embezzling close to $6 million during the period between 2004 – 2008. continue reading »

Security Concerns cause Honduras to Temporarily Close Consulate in Mexico

Two Honduran diplomats were briefly kidnapped in Vera Cruz Mexico this past weekend. Forcing Honduras to temporarily close their consulate office there and to warn Mexico it will consider closing more consulates if Mexico can not guarantee the safety of it’s diplomats. continue reading »