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Tag Results for "Venezuelan President"

Venezuela to Display Hugo Chavez’s Body Like Lenin, Mao

The body of late President Hugo Chavez will be preserved and kept on display in a glass tomb in the manner of Russian revolutionary leader Vladimir Lenin, the Venezuelan government said Thursday. continue reading »

President Chavez Remains Ill, Returns to Venezuela

President Hugo Chavez returned to Venezuela early Monday after spending more than two months in Cuba due to complications that followed a Dec. 11 cancer surgery in Havana. continue reading »

VENEZUELA: At Least 11 Die, 75 Injured in Highway Pile-Up

At least 11 people died and 75 were injured in a pile-up on a highway in the western Venezuelan state of Zulia that included a truck and two buses, authorities said Thursday. continue reading »

President Chavez Supporters Flood into Venezuelan Capital

Thousands of supporters of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez flooded into central Caracas on Thursday to participate in a rally called by the governing PSUV to support the ailing leftist leader on the day he was supported to be sworn in for another term. continue reading »

Hugo Chavez Arrives in Cuba This Morning Greeted by President Raul Castro

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez traveled to Havana, where he was met at the airport by his Cuban counterpart, Raul Castro, state television reported Monday. continue reading »

Fidel’s Son Says Castro is “Lucid and Working Hard”

The eldest son of former Cuban President Fidel Castro told Efe on Monday that his father is "lucid and working hard," despite having made no public appearance for several months. continue reading »

Venezuelan Government Notifies U.S. of American’s Arrest

The U.S. State Department announced Tuesday that the Venezuelan government had notified it about the arrest of a U.S. citizen in the Andean nation, but Caracas has not responded to official requests that this coun continue reading »

Chavez in Cuba for ‘Homestretch’ of Cancer Treatments

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is back in Cuba to complete the "homestretch" of his radiation therapy for the cancer that was detected while he was on a visit to the island last year, state media reported Tuesday. continue reading »

After Radiation Treatments, Chavez Returns to Home State for a Visit

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez bypassed the capital and traveled directly to his home state of Barinas after spending four days in Cuba for a second round of radiation following an operation to remove a cancerous lesion. continue reading »

WIKILEAKS: Pres. Chavez’s Health is Worse Than Reported, May Have as Little as 1 Year to Live

According to an intelligence report revealed by Wikileaks, the health of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is far worse than is being shared with the public. continue reading »

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez Preparing for Another Surgery

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who is running for re-election in October, announced Tuesday that he will have to undergo a new operation because "a lesion" was detected continue reading »