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Tag Results for "Venezuelan Opposition"

Some Venezuelans Doubt Positive Reports of Hugo Chavez’s Health

The Venezuelan opposition asked the government to release the latest medical report on President Hugo Chavez, who is recovering in Cuba from an operation made necessary by the reappearance of his cancer, the location and type of which have never been made public. continue reading »

Chavez’s Party Loses it Supermajority and Majority of Popular Vote in Venezuela (VIDEO)

Opponents of Hugo Chavez claim victory with gaining over one third of the seats in the parliamentary elections yesterday while building momentum in their attempt to oust Chavez in 2012. The opposition Democratic Unity umbrella group has claimed that it also won a majority of the popular vote, once confirmed this will be a blow to Chavez. continue reading »

“We are Soldiers in Battle…This is the Final Offensive” calls Venezuelan President

Chavez called upon his supporters to see next Sunday’s legislative election as a battle, a battle to ensure control with 2/3 of the assembly seats. Chavez needs at least 110 of the 165 benches in the National Assembly for important legislation that will “reform the state”. continue reading »

Upcoming Venezuelan Elections Offer Hope

Yesterday was the official kick off for Venezuela’s September 26 legislative elections. Although the presidential elections are two years away, this election is seen as both a future predictor and an opportunity. continue reading »