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Tag Results for "Venezuelan News"

Third Round of Cancer Treatment for Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez

While insisting he has no more cancer, Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez is set to start this third round of chemotherapy treatment. continue reading »

Chavez Returns to Cuba for Another Round of Chemotherapy

Earlier today, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez returned to Cuba to resume his chemotherapy treatment for cancer discovered in June. Chavez noted: "There will be several rounds in order to win this battle and eliminate all risk of malignant cells," he said. continue reading »

Hugo Chavez Arrives in Cuba for Chemo, Foregoes Treatment in Brazil, Cedes Some Powers to VP

On Friday the Brazil government was reporting that ailing Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez was heading to their country to receive treatment for his yet-to-be-identified cancer - those reports were in fact wrong. continue reading »

Shocker:  Hugo Chavez Battling Cancer with No Indication When He Will Return to Venezuela

Everyone knew something was wrong with Hugo Chavez. From his extended travels to Cuba for ‘health reasons’, to going radio silence on Twitter and state TV to the recent cancellation of the Latin American summit. continue reading »

More Crazy Talk From Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez

President Hugo Chávez was in such a talkative mood on world Water Day, that during his public speech he graced attendees with a history lesson on the obscure roots of capitalism. continue reading »