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Tag Results for "Venezuela News"

Oh No! Venenzuela President Maduro and Russia’s Putin Vow to Continue Loving Each Other

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro showed here Tuesday that he plans to pick up where late predecessor Hugo Chavez left off in relations with Russia. continue reading »

Venezuela:  Vittorio Missoni Plane Located Submerged in Caribbean

Venezuelan authorities are reporting the plane carrying fashion executive Vittorio Missoni and his traveling companions has been found deep in the Caribbean Sea. continue reading »

Venezuelans Can’t find Cars to Buy

Buying a car is little short of impossible in Venezuela, a country where a used vehicle is more expensive than a new one, with the drop in production blamed on lack of access to foreign currency and with the government trying to resolve the problem with a law that has sparked controversy before it has even been passed. continue reading »

Oliver Stone Set to do Movie About Pal Hugo Chavez

Award winning filmmaker Oliver Stone is getting ready to honor his left-leaning pal Hugo Chavez in a way only he can – by making a movie about his life. continue reading »

MYSTERY SOLVED:  Missing Passenger Plane from 2008 Found in Venezuelan Waters

A twin-engine passenger plane that went missing after crashing in 2008 has been found underwater near Venezuela in the Caribbean Sea. continue reading »

Venezuelan President Maduro Has Audience with Pope Francis

Pope Francis and Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro dealt here Monday with some of the Andean country's problems such as poverty and crime, the Vatican press office said. continue reading »

Spain, Venezuela Renew Political Dialogue

Spanish Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo and Venezuelan counterpart Elias Jaua had a meeting Friday in Madrid that proceeded "on very cordial terms," the ministry said in a communique. continue reading »

No Discrepancies Found in Venezuelan Election Recount

A review of 100 percent of the ballots cast in the April 14 special election to choose a replacement for deceased President Hugo Chavez uncovered no discrepancies with the official results, Venezuela's National Electoral Council, or CNE, said Tuesday. continue reading »

Puerto Rico’s Eduardo Lalo Wins Literary Award in Venezuela

Puerto Rican author Eduardo Lalo was named Thursday as the winner of Venezuela's Romulo Gallegos International Novel Prize for "Simone." continue reading »

U.S., Venezuela to Pursue “More Positive Relationship”

The United States and Venezuela want to "establish a more constructive and positive relationship" after years of strained ties, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said here Wednesday following talks with Venezuelan Foreign Minister Elias Jaua. continue reading »

U.S. Filmmaker Accused of Espionage Expelled From Venezuela

The Venezuelan government on Wednesday expelled a U.S. independent filmmaker who was arrested in April and accused of training Venezuelan students in how to stage acts of violence. continue reading »

At Least 3 Die from Swine Flu in Venezuela

At least 160 cases and three deaths have been registered in Venezuela from swine flu, officials said. "We have officially registered 11 cases and sadly have two people dead from this disease here in Aragua state as of now," Aragua Gov. Tareck El Aissami said. continue reading »

Maduro Blames Venezuela’s Biggest Food Company for Scarcities

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro accused Polar, the country's biggest food corporation, of reducing production and hoarding products to cause scarcities in the country, and spoke of economic "sabotage" against his presidency. continue reading »

VENEZUELA: Plane Crash Kills Two in Valencia

A small plane crashed Sunday in a residential part of Valencia, a city in west-central Venezuela, killing the two occupants, Interior Minister Miguel Rodriguez said. continue reading »

Maduro Recalls Venezuelan Ambassador from Peru

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said he has recalled his ambassador to Peru for consultations over remarks by that country's foreign minister, saying the comments amounted to "meddling" with Venezuela's affairs. continue reading »

Capriles Continues to Fight for New Election in Venezuela

The campaign of opposition presidential candidate Henrique Capriles on Thursday asked Venezuela's Supreme Court to overturn the April 14 vote that resulted in a narrow victory for ruling-party standard-bearer Nicolas Maduro. continue reading »

Late President Chavez’s Daughter Posts Photo with Soap Star on Twitter

Maria Chavez, the daughter of late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, has caused a sensation in the press here with the appearance of a photograph showing her with soap opera actor Manuel "Coco" Sosa. continue reading »

Venezuela Agrees to Election Recount

Amid persistent political tension in Venezuela, the CNE election authority accepted opposition candidate Henrique Capriles's request for a review of 100 percent of the ballots cast in last weekend's special presidential election. continue reading »

Former Venezuelan Presidential Candidate Calls Off March

Venezuelan opposition presidential candidate Henrique Capriles said Tuesday that he is ready for dialogue with President-elect Nicolas Maduro and he asked his supporters to abandon plans for a march in this capital to demand a recount of every ballot cast in last weekend's election. continue reading »

Protesting in Venezuela after Nicolas Maduro Named Official Presidential Winner

In Latin America news, protests in Venezuela continue after Hugo Chavez' successor Nicolas Maduro was elected President in a tight race. Supporters of Henrique Capriles are urging for a recount. continue reading »