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Tag Results for "Venezuela "

Venezuelan Writer Teresa de la Parra Died in 1936

Today in Latin American history, Venezuelan writer Teresa de la Parra died in 1936. She rebelled against the limited expectations for women of her class by long hours of reading and writing. continue reading »

A 7.7 Earthquake Destroyed Caracas, Venezuela in 1812

Today in Latin American history, a 7.7 earthquake destroyed Caracas, Venezuela killing more than 15,000 people in 1812. continue reading »

Flash Flood Strikes Vargas, Venezuela in 1999

Today in Latin American history, torrential rains caused flash floods in Vargas, Venezuela, resulting in tens of thousands of deaths, the destruction of thousands of homes, and the complete collapse of the state's infrastructure in 1999. continue reading »

MYSTERY SOLVED:  Missing Passenger Plane from 2008 Found in Venezuelan Waters

A twin-engine passenger plane that went missing after crashing in 2008 has been found underwater near Venezuela in the Caribbean Sea. continue reading »

Venezuela Captures “Foreign Intruders” from Colombia - Tension High between Countries

Venezuelan authorities apprehended armed intruders who apparently entered the country from neighboring Colombia, President Nicolas Maduro said. continue reading »

U.S. Embassy Personnel Injured at Shooting at Venezuela Nightclub

The U.S. State Department confirmed Tuesday that two officials at its embassy in Venezuela were hospitalized after they were wounded in a shooting incident at a Caracas social club. continue reading »

Venezuela Arrests Alleged U.S. Spy “Associated” with Henrique Caprilles Election Efforts

Venezuela announced on Thursday the capture of a U.S. citizen who stands accused of being an intelligence agent linked with training Venezuelan students to carry out acts of violence. continue reading »

Henrique Capriles Refuses to Concede in Venezuela Presidential Election

In Venezuela news, Presidential candidate Henrique Capriles has refused to concede to Hugo Chavez' hand-picked successor Nicolas Maduro in spite of the 200,000 vote lead Maduro has. continue reading »

Venezuela-US Relations Unlikely to Change After Chavez(VIDEO)

The death of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is raising questions about what happens next in Venezuela, both internally and with its relations to other nations, including the United States. Analysts do not expect the tense relationship between Washington and Caracas to change soon. continue reading »

Hugo Chavez Enters into New Treatment Phase, Says Venezuelan V.P.

Venezuelan Vice President Nicolas Maduro said Sunday that President Hugo Chavez, who is recovering from cancer surgery in Cuba, is coming out of the postoperative period and "is going to enter a new phase of treatment that is in the process of evaluation" after going through a "difficult" period. continue reading »

Venezuelan Vice President Gives Positive Update on Chavez’s Health

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is doing "well" as his doctors treat him for a respiratory infection that developed after he underwent his fourth cancer surgery in 18 months, the Andean nation's vice president said Thursday. continue reading »

Hugo Chavez’ Political Party Dominates in Regional Elections

President Hugo Chavez's leftist PSUV party took 20 of 23 state governorships in Venezuelan regional elections, but opposition standard-bearer Henrique Capriles retained power in the central state of Miranda. continue reading »

Hugo Chavez Jets Back to Venezuela After Treatment in Cuba

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez returned to his country after nine days of treatment in Cuba as part of his process of recovery from cancer, which has had him in the operating room three times since June 2011. continue reading »

Venezuela, Ecuador Send Aid to Cuba After Hurricane Sandy

Aircraft carrying humanitarian aid from Venezuela and Ecuador landed in the eastern province of Santiago de Cuba to ease the damage and suffering left by Hurricane Sandy, Cuban state television said Tuesday. continue reading »

Chevron Loans $2 Billion to Venezuela For Joint Venture

Chevron has extended a $2 billion line of credit to its joint venture with state-owned Petroleos de Venezuela SA, the Venezuelan company said. continue reading »

Belarus Partners with Venezuela to Build Space Facility

Belarus will participate in the construction of a space base in the eastern Venezuelan state of Aragua to be used for launching satellites, Venezuelan Ambassador to Belarus Americo Diaz Nuñez said Wednesday. continue reading »

Mercosur Adds Venezuela, Suspends Paraguay After Abrupt Impeachment

Leaders of the Mercosur trade bloc announced here Friday the suspension of charter member Paraguay after lawmakers in Asuncion removed the country's president in an impeachment process that took less than a day. continue reading »

Armed Men Rob 54 Bus Passengers in Venezuela

Armed assailants intercepted a bus traveling between the Venezuelan cities of Maracaibo and Caracas, robbing 54 people, a police spokesperson said. continue reading »

Chavez Formally Registers as Candidate For October Election

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez on Monday went to formally register as a candidate for reelection in the Oct. 7 vote aboard a truck and cheered by thousands of followers. continue reading »

Chavez Denies Heath Rumors, Says Medical Tests Are All Good

President Hugo Chavez, who is running for reelection and was operated on a year ago Sunday in Havana for a pelvic abscess, said that his most recent medical exams came out "absolutely fine." continue reading »