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Tag Results for "Us Mexico Border"

National Guard Troops at US-Mexico Border to be Cut by Half, White House Cites Budget Cuts

The Obama administration has announced that next year, due to budget cuts, the number of National Guard troops will be reduced by at least 50 percent. continue reading »

Are the National Guard Troops at the Border Worth Their Cost?

After President Obama deployed 1,200 National Guard troops to the U.S.-Mexico border, many that had called for increased surveillance of the area cheered, However, critics of the move have said having the troops there is inefficient and expensive. continue reading »

Number of Arrests of Undocumented Immigrants Lowest Since 1970s

Not since the 1970s has the number of undocumented immigrants arrested near the U.S.-Mexico border been as low as it was in fiscal year 2011. continue reading »

Smartphones Helping Coyotes Lead Migrants Across U.S.-Mexico Border

A Homeland Security investigation has revealed that even coyotes, the name for those who bring immigrants across the border illegally, are utilizing cell phone technology to conduct their “business.” continue reading »

U.S. Border Fence Being Extended 300 Feet into the Pacific

A $4.3 million upgrade is being given to the U.S.-Mexico border fence which will now extend hundreds of feet into the Pacific ocean. Along Imperial Beach, the steel, 18-foot fence continue reading »

Mexico Census Shows Dramatic Increase in Those Staying in or Returning to Mexico

Unlike the massive census the U.S. performs once a decade, Mexico undergoes a yearly, smaller census, to determine its population, and this year’s census shows a big jump in Mexico’s population. continue reading »

House Republicans Want to Give Border Patrol Authority to Ignore Environmental Law

House Republicans have infuriated environmentalists with a plan to give border security officials the ability to ignore dozens of environmental laws along both the north and south U.S. borders. continue reading »

Tariffs on U.S. Goods Lifted as First Mexican Truck Allowed into U.S. Under New Trade Agreement

In 2009, the United States refused to allow anymore Mexican trucks across the border to make deliveries deep into the U.S., but Presidents Obama and Calderon came to an agreement in April that would comply with the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) obligations, and once again allow Mexican trucks into the U.S. continue reading »

Mexican Immigrant Hops U.S. School Bus at Border, Faces Immigration Violations

A young Mexican man is facing a number of immigration violations after grabbing a ride with a public school bus in Deming, New Mexico near the U.S.-Mexico border. continue reading »

Rocket Launcher, C-4 Found in Bag Near U.S.-Mexico Border

Tuesday, U.S. Border Patrol agents found several high-powered weapons, including a rocket launcher near the Rio Grande on the U.S. side of the U.S.-Mexico border. continue reading »

Number of Deaths Drop at Arizona-Mexico Border as Apprehensions Drop as Well

According to information from Border Patrol’s Tucson Sector, both migrant deaths along Arizona’s border with Mexico and apprehensions are down from last year. continue reading »

DHS Fails to Reveal the Effectiveness (or Ineffectiveness) of Their Repatriation Flights

As the U.S. Department of Homeland Security continues its repatriation flights, it also continues to face opposition. In the last eight years, DHS has spent $85 million putting u continue reading »

Judge Dismisses Case Against US for BP Agent Shooting Teen, Because he Died in Mexico not US

In the summer of 2010, a 15-year-old boy was shot and killed by a Border Patrol agent. The boy’s family filed a $25 million lawsuit against the United States, but court documents revealed that on August 11 t continue reading »

CBP Commissioner Alan Bersin Fires Back Against Gov. Perry’s Claims the US-Mexico Border is Lawless

Despite presidential candidate Gov. Rick Perry’s claims that the U.S.-Mexico border is completely lawless, U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials argue that it is safer and more secure than it has ever been. continue reading »

Border Agents Now Being More Thorough in Checking Those Leaving the U.S., Not Just These Arriving

As the violent drug war continues south of the border, those coming in to the United States through the legal checkpoints are used to having their documentation scrutinized, continue reading »

Trafficker Claims Gov. Allowed Sinaloa Cartel to Bring Drugs into U.S.

It is being reported that the federal government may have allowed tons of cocaine into the United States in exchange for information on rivals of the Sinaloa drug cartel. continue reading »

U.S-Mexico Border Residents Not Surprised by Falling Crime Stats (VIDEO)

Listening to politicians, one would think that the border is rife with murder, arson, theft, kidnapping, and every other type of violent crime imaginable. Unfortunately, those who spread these images often conflate the violence associated with drugs and arms trafficking with immigration, unfairly painting immigrants as the perpetrators. continue reading »

Health of Residents in Colonias Along Texas-Mexico Border Worry Doctors

In the colonias along the Texas-Mexico border, researching have reported that the health of the people in these areas is often far worse than those outside, showing a link between poverty and health continue reading »

Cross the Border Regularly? Be Sure to Check Your Trunk for Pot

A school teacher is sitting in a Juarez jail after a search of her car at the U.S.-Mexico border uncovered 100 pounds of marijuana in her trunk. However, both her and the FBI, continue reading »

Arizona Sheriff Says Securing the Border is About Safety and Is Not a Race Issue

An Arizona sheriff has claimed that the Obama administration's decision to keep the 1,200 U.S. National Guard troops at that U.S.-Mexico is "pandering", as the number is not nearly enough. continue reading »