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Tag Results for "Us Mexico Border"

Interesting View Of The US-Mexican Border

A small fence separates densely populated Tijuana, Mexico, right, from the United States in the Border Patrol’s San Diego Sector on the left. Construction is underway to extend a secondary fence over the top of this hill and eventually continue reading »

Illegal Immigrants Continue Using Water Scooters To Jump The Border

A group of illegal immigrants attempting to enter the US from Mexico illegally via water, were tracked down by the U.S. Coast Guard, who were able to arrest one man, while another drowned south of San Diego. continue reading »

Guinness Record Breaking Lush Pot Crop Found in México in the Middle of the Dry Desert

Hidden under black netting in the middle of the desert, police found 300 acres of marijuana! continue reading »

WATCH The Daily Show’s Coverage of the Protests About SB1070 at Arizona’s All-Star Game (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart's Latino Correspondent Al Madrigal goes on location in Phoenix to cover the impact of Arizona's anti-immigration law on the MLB's All-Star Game. continue reading »

ART ON THE BORDER Ron English Style

Ron English says he “liberates” the surfaces he does art on. Has the U.S.-Mexico border been liberated, then? continue reading »

DEA Chief Warns that Mexico’s Drug War Effects More than Just Mexico

As international media continues to keep a watchful eye on the drug war in Mexico, the head of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration is reminding everyone that the world, especially Central, South, and North America needs to be concerned with the events of the troubled country. continue reading »

INNOVATION: US-Mexico border Makeover Ideas (VIDEO)

An assistant professor of Architecture at the University of California, Berkeley has a few ideas on how to make the desolate spot known as the U.S.-Mexico border, into a more useful, more humane space. continue reading »

Large Scale Catapult - Newest Mexican Drug Cartel Tool (VIDEO)

Get your mind out of the gutter. They were slinging drugs across the border with a catapult. continue reading »