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Tag Results for "Us Immigration"

US Citizen Daughter Deported, but Mother Can’t Sue Federal Gov. says Supreme Court

An appeal from a Texas mother attempting to sue the federal government was rejected by the Supreme Court. The woman’s daughter, a U.S. citizen, was sent to Mexico with her father when he was deported. continue reading »

Trash Along Arizona-Mexico Border Target of New Website

Attempting to draw attention to the amount of trash left by those crossing the U.S.-Mexico border of Arizona, state officials have launched a new website called azbordertrash.gov. continue reading »

Ex Police Officer Fleeing Drug Cartels and Police Corruption Denied US Asylum

As violence in Mexico continues to escalate, so does the number of asylum requests coming before federal immigration judges. Jose Alarcon, 27, was denied asylum this week by a judge in Dallas. continue reading »

Gay Couple Separated by Deportation Site Peru’s Discrimination Seeking Humanitarian Parole

A couple that has been together for five years are now separated by thousands of miles because a Peruvian citizen overstayed his visa and has now been deported. The federal government does not recognize the civil union of Richard Dennis, continue reading »

ICE: National Security is Top Priority for Us

As far as government agencies go, U.S Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is a relative newcomer. However, the roots behind ICE and its focus on national security date back hundreds of years — 1789 to be exact continue reading »

18 Seconds vs. U.S.-Mexico Border Fence

Filmmaker Roy Germano has created a film he hopes will result in more just and effectual forms of immigration management. Germano says that every mile of border fence along the U.S.-Mexico border costs the taxpayers of America about $4 million to build continue reading »

Vietnam Veteran Brothers’ Deportations Postponed

Two brothers, after serving in the U.S. military during Vietnam, now face deportation from the very country they fought for. Valente Valenzuela, 62, and his brother Manuel, 59, have been allowed to remain in the U.S. for at least another year after a judge postponed their deportations until 2012. continue reading »

Rhode Island Governor Fulfills Campaign Promise And Repeals Anti-Immigrant Order

Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee has rescinded an executive order signed in 2008 that directed state departments and vendors that do business with the state to use E-Verify as well as the police to enter into agreement [287(g).] with federal immigration authorities. continue reading »

Immigrant Rights Advocates Push for Rescinding of Day Laborer Law

Immigrant rights and social justice advocates are asking a Virginia town council to rescind an ordinance that prohibits the solicitation of work by day laborers. In Herndon, Virginia, residents and advocate groups say the specific prohibition of allowing people to tell passers-by that they are looking for work but not outlawing all communication violates the workers’ First Amendment rights. continue reading »

New Border Crossing Planned at National Park in Texas

Thursday, U.S. Customs and Border Patrol commissioner, Alan Bersin will travel to Big Bend National Park in Texas to announce the building of a new border crossing in Boquillas Canyon. continue reading »

Buoys Placed Across Canal to Prevent Death of Border Crossers

Trying to prevent drownings along a U.S. border canal that hugs the U.S.-Mexico border, a government agency has now placed buoys they hope will save lives. continue reading »

Ending Birthright Citizenship Would Not Stop Illegal Immigration

Ending Birthright Citizenship Would Be Unconstitutional, Impractical, Expensive, Complicated and Would Not Stop Illegal Immigration. Anti-immigrant groups and legislators have persisted in their attempts to restrict or repeal birthright citizenship in State Houses and the U.S. Congress. continue reading »

TN Jailers Now Have to Ask Inmates, “Are You Here Illegally?” (VIDEO)

January 1st enacted a new policy for Tennessee jails. Every inmate’s residency status is now going to be checked to make sure they are all in the country legally. continue reading »

Arizona Veteran Has His Own Kind of Border Patrol (VIDEO)

Lynn Kartchner, a US Army veteran and friend of the rancher killed in March of 2010 has taken border security into his own hands. Night after night, Lynn Kartchner and some of his colleagues patrol part of Arizona’s most highly trafficked border area looking for illegal activity with his own personal truck, night vision cameras, and a massive light with infrared surveillance scope, and a .50 caliber gun for what the reporter says is just “for percussionary measures.” continue reading »

ICE Sets Their Goal for 2011 -  404,000 Deportations

During Fiscal Year 2010, ICE deported 392,862 undocumented foreigners, of whom more than 195,000 were convicted criminals, an increase of more than 23,000 deportations – including 81,000 people with criminal records – compared with 2008. continue reading »

Texas Border Fence Draws Closer to Completion at $748 Million Cost

In Hope Park, Texas, As the final piece of a border fence goes up, many look at it with disgust, and it’s not just immigrant advocates either. The fence at the U.S.-Mexico border was created to keep illegal immigrants out, continue reading »

Fired Chipotle Workers Protest in Minneapolis

Dozens of former Chipotle employees, their families and friends protested in downtown Minneapolis this week. They are protesting the firing of nearly 100 employees. continue reading »

Tennessee Senator Prepares to Fight for Arizona-Style Law in His State

As many already have, Tennessee is following in the legislative footsteps of Arizona when it comes to immigration, as Senator Bill Ketron is preparing a bill much like SB 1070 to make illegally being in the U.S. a criminal offense rather than a civil violation as the federal government classifies it now. continue reading »

Dying Immigrant Granted Christmas Wish—U.S. Citizenship

For the last 30 years, Mexican immigrant Manuel Lara Lopez has lived in the United States. In May, just months before finishing his citizenship course, Manuel was diagnosed with stage four intestinal cancer. continue reading »

Hotel Migrante Welcomes Deportees, Struggles to Accommodate Increased Numbers

With U.S. Border Patrol dropping off buses of deportees at the border, and nearly 400,000 people deported last year, one has to wonder, what happens to them? continue reading »