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Tag Results for "Us Immigration"

Alabama Attorney General Recommends Changes to State’s Harsh Anti-Immigration Law

Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange is calling for changes to his state’s controversial and harsh immigration. The changes that he’s pushing for would require adjustments to about one third of the law’s 32 sections continue reading »

Judge Rules Same-Sex Latina Couple Will Not be Separated by Deportation

Earlier this week, Queens couple Cristina Ojeda and Monica Alcota were able to celebrate their marriage for the first time without the fear of deportation threatening their future. continue reading »

Are the National Guard Troops at the Border Worth Their Cost?

After President Obama deployed 1,200 National Guard troops to the U.S.-Mexico border, many that had called for increased surveillance of the area cheered, However, critics of the move have said having the troops there is inefficient and expensive. continue reading »

Mayor Emanuel Names Mexican-American Adolfo Hernandez to Head Immigrant’s Office

Mayor Rahm Emanuel on Monday named Mexico-American activist Adolfo Hernandez to be the director of Chicago's just-created Office of New Americans, which will attend to matters concerning immigrants. continue reading »

Latinos in LA Remember Undocumented Student , Joaquin Luna Who Killed Himself

Young people in favor of the DREAM Act, families affected by deportations and pro-immigrant activists held a vigil here Friday in memory of an undocumented student in Texas who committed suicide last week. continue reading »

Smartphones Helping Coyotes Lead Migrants Across U.S.-Mexico Border

A Homeland Security investigation has revealed that even coyotes, the name for those who bring immigrants across the border illegally, are utilizing cell phone technology to conduct their “business.” continue reading »

House Approves Measure that Could Allow More Mexicans to Live in the U.S. Legally

A visa bill removing country-specific green card caps, which limit the number of family-based visas was approved by the House of Representatives this week. HR 3012, also known as the Fairness for High-Skilled Im continue reading »

Contradictory Immigration Laws Leave Families in Limbo

The contents of Maria Teresa Fuentes’ immigration file take up an entire table. Legal appeals, government letters carrying bad news, attorney advertisements clipped from newspapers, technical explanations of cryptic immigration laws continue reading »

U.S. Border Fence Being Extended 300 Feet into the Pacific

A $4.3 million upgrade is being given to the U.S.-Mexico border fence which will now extend hundreds of feet into the Pacific ocean. Along Imperial Beach, the steel, 18-foot fence continue reading »

Immigrant Women’s Rights Group sides with “One Family, One Alabama

The National Coalition for Immigrant Women's Rights supports the "One Family, One Alabama" campaign to end anti-immigration policies. continue reading »

Mexican Troops Discover 140 Migrants Hidden in Truck

Soldiers discovered 140 undocumented Central American migrants hidden inside a truck crossing the southern border state of Chiapas, Mexico's defense department said Monday. continue reading »

Report Reveals Disturbing Truths Behind Border Patrol Transportation Raids

When news broke last month that the Border Patrol would scale back raids on trains and buses near the northern border, the response from Capitol Hill was rather predictable. continue reading »

Group of DREAMers Shines a Spotlight on What It’s Like to Be “Undocumented and Awkward”

A groups of DREAMers are creating a series of videos, attempting to help those who are not undocumented immigrants understand what it’s like to be those who are. continue reading »

PA Law that Would Punish Employers for Hiring Undocumented Moves to Senate After Passing in House

Pennsylvania legislators have proposed a bill that would punish employers for hiring undocumented immigrant workers. Just four years after the controversial Mayor of Hazelton, PA and the town cou continue reading »

U.S. Opens “Trusted Traveler Program” to Mexicans

The United States government announced Tuesday that it is opening to Mexican citizens the trusted traveler program known as Global Entry, which operates via automated kiosks at selected international airports. continue reading »

Mexico Census Shows Dramatic Increase in Those Staying in or Returning to Mexico

Unlike the massive census the U.S. performs once a decade, Mexico undergoes a yearly, smaller census, to determine its population, and this year’s census shows a big jump in Mexico’s population. continue reading »

DREAM Act Story: Karla Contreras as told by Dick Durbin on Senate Floor (VIDEO)

Senator Durbin tells the story of DREAMers on the floor of the United States Senate. See all 13 Videos here at the Senators Dream Act continue reading »

Technology, Location Allow Immigrant Business Owners in U.S. to Thrive Despite Limited English

There is no doubt that technological advances are constantly changing the world, many making things our lives more convenient. However, for some immigrant business owners in the U.S., technology has enabled them to run successful businesses without having to learn English. continue reading »

Alabama’s Anti-Immigrant Law Forces Lawyers To Choose Between Their Ethics And The Law

HB 56, Alabama’s toughest-in-the-nation immigration law, already threatens undocumented immigrant’s ability to live in their own homes, access utilities in their homes, or even receive library cards. Children were terrified to go to school because of the law for fear their parents would be deported, and bullying against Hispanic children has been reported. continue reading »

Utilities Turned Off in Homes of Alabama’s Undocumented Immigrants

A utilities provider in Alabama has begun turning off water, electric, and gas services to homes that cannot confirm they are legal residents of the United States. continue reading »