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Tag Results for "Us Immigration"

U.S. and Cuban Officials Discuss Migration, Alan Gross

On Wednesday, July 17, U.S. and Cuban officials met in Washington to discuss the implementation of the 1994 and 1995 U.S.-Cuba Migration Accords. This marks the first time since January 2011 t continue reading »

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg Funding Effort to Get Conservative Support for Immigration Reform

Mark Zuckerberg’s new organization, FWD.us, has just launched its first ad to promote immigration reform amongst conservatives. continue reading »

Border Patrol Pursuit Leaves 5 Dead Amongst 22 Individuals in Vehicle

U.S. Customs and Border Protection is reporting that at least five individuals were killed when the SUV they were traveling in over turned after being pursued by Border Patrol agents. continue reading »

Mexican Grandfather and Youth Coach Wins Deportation Reprieve

U.S. immigration authorities lifted a deportation order against Eduardo Mireles, an undocumented Mexican immigrant who coaches youth soccer teams in North Carolina. continue reading »

JUST IN:  Senate Judiciary Committee Delays Hearing Immigration Bill, Need More Time

A U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee hearing scheduled for Wednesday and the soon-to-be-introduced immigration reform bill has been delayed. continue reading »

REPORT:  New Immigration Bill Will Deny Citizenship to Those Who Arrived after 2011

Proposed immigration reform bill will deny citizenship for any undocumented individual that illegally entered the U.S. after December 31, 2011 and others must show financial stabilty. continue reading »

NBC/WSJ POLL:  64% of Americans Support Some Kind of Path to Citizenship

A poll released today by NBC/Wall Street shows the growing acceptance to grant a path to citizenship for the estimated 11 million undocumented in the country. continue reading »

‘Gang of Eight’ Set to Unveil Immigration Bill as Early as Thursday

The bi-partisan Senate committee working on comprehensive immigration reform, dubbed the ‘Gang of Eight’ appear ready to present a bill as early as Thursday. continue reading »

Arizona’s Own Border Fence Facing Obstacles

After nearly two years of preparation, an Arizona state senator says a plan will be unveiled in a few weeks to build a fence along the border with Mexico to keep out illegal immigrants. continue reading »

While Rubio Pauses on Immigration Chicago Unites to Push for Immigration Reform

While Republican Senator Marco Rubio is attempting to slow down the momentum on comprehensive immigration reform, Chicago business leaders are uniting to push for its passage. continue reading »

Obama Making the Rounds on Spanish-Language TV Pushing for Immigration Reform

President Obama will be making the rounds on Spanish-language TV today to assure Latinos of his commitment to comprehensive immigration reform. continue reading »

NALEO Applauds Bipartisan Push in Senate for Immigration Reform

Organization calls for legislation that will make the naturalization process more accessible to immigrants and fully integrate new Americans into the fabric of society - The National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials continue reading »

Rep. Gutierrez: On Immigration “The President is the Quarterback”

Immigrants need action now and immigration reform cannot wait. We have a unique opportunity to finally put our government on the side of hard-working immigrants. We all need to work together -- the President and Congress, Republicans and Democrats -- to get something done right away. continue reading »

Monarch Butterfly Used as Symbol for Immigration in Chicago Art Exhibit

"Viajeras" (Travelers), an art exhibit that will open here this week, tries to make a connection between the long southbound migrations of Monarch butterflies to their winter home in Mexico and the Mexican immigrants w continue reading »

El Centro Sector Border Patrol Successfully Prosecutes and Convicts 14 People

El Centro Sector Border Patrol agents’ recent arrests have led to the successful conviction and sentencing of 13 illegal aliens with prior convictions for other crime(s), and one individual for alien smuggling. continue reading »

Countdown of the Top Five Immigration Stories of 2012

In the beginning of 2012, the landscape of the immigration world looked much different. Pro-immigrant groups were coming off of a rough few years that saw the failure of the DREAM Act, a spike in deportations under President Obama, and the continue reading »

Statistics Show US-Mexico Border is Secure- NPR

At NPR today is an analogy on why people find themselves forced to come to the US without papers: Imagine immigration, especially from Latin America, as a two-lane residential street with a 20-mile-an-hour speed limit. Over the decades, it’s grown to an eight-lane superhighway. But the speed limit is still 20 mph. That is, visas for needed workers haven’t risen along with the traffic. continue reading »

The Best Christmas Gift For Some Kids is an End to Deportations

Many children in the United States are preparing the lists of presents they want from Santa, but Eliza Morales and Anthony Hoz-Peña have just one wish: an end to deportations and the separation of families. continue reading »

Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ): Immigration Reform is the “Civil Rights Issue of Our Time”

At the Center for American Progress this afternoon, Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ) discussed what he believes immigration reform should look like and called it the “civil rights issue of our time.” After host Neera Tanden, the President of the Center for American Progress, called Latino voters “THE story of the 2012 elections,” continue reading »

Univision’s Jordan Fabain on “Why The GOP Should Deal With Immigration”

Over the past week, there’s been an avalanche of punditry and discussion about the new, post-election politics of immigration reform. Much of the focus has been on the Republican Party’s serious problems on the issue, continue reading »