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Tag Results for "University Of Arizona"

New Report Reveals Scale of Deaths Along U.S.-Mexico Border

Nothing illustrates the high stakes of the immigration reform debate now taking place in the Senate quite as powerfully as the growing body count along the U.S.-Mexico border. Despite the U.S. government’s decades-long effort to stop unauthorized immigration through an “enforcement first continue reading »

Univ. of Arizona Shares 150 Years of Mexican, Mexican American History Online

A new digital collection at the University of Arizona Libraries makes accessible more than 150 years of news coverage documenting the voice of the Mexican and Mexican American community. continue reading »

New Univ. of Arizona Ph.D. Program Offered in Mexican American Studies, Third of Its Kind in Nation

The University of Arizona has received approval to implement a doctoral program in Mexican American studies – the third program of its kind in the country. continue reading »

“Civility Institute” to Promote Compromise and Respect During Political Debates

With all the civil unrest in Arizona – mostly over immigration – Arizona would appear to have become a cactus-filled state of angry people, and a new center at the University of Arizona is being created to address just that. continue reading »