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Tag Results for "Undocumented"

Undocumented Immigrants Steer Clear of Arizona

People on both sides of the immigration debate in Arizona are skeptical of new research that shows a national decrease in the flow of illegal immigration from Mexico into the United States. But there is one thing they are certain of: undocumented immigrants are steering clear of the border state. continue reading »

Pennsylvania Court Ordered to Take Another Look at Hazleton Immigration Law

Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court ordered a federal appeals court to a look at the Hazleton, Pennsylvania law that calls for a local authorities to enforce immigration laws that are generally left to the federal government to enforce. continue reading »

Mexican Rock Band Maná Calls for Immigration Reform On the Eve of Their First Album in 5 Years

Mexican rock band, Mana, calls for “justice for the undocumented” while attending Billboard’s Latin Music Conference in Miami. continue reading »

Death and Maiming at the Border This Weekend

As the flow of illegal immigration subsides due to enforced border patrol and lack of opportunities on the U.S. side the hardships and dangers for those who dare to cross continues. continue reading »