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Tag Results for "Undocumented"

In Central Valley CA, College Students Spend Summer Vacation in the Fields

This small town in South Kern County is home to many farmworkers, including young college students eager to make some cash during their summer break. And although it may seem strange to those living outside of California’s Central Valley, working in the fields, although physically demanding, can be a gratifying experience for many of them. continue reading »

Dominican Artist’s Miami Mural Portrays Struggle of Undocumented Immigrants

The painful experiences of Hispanic immigrants inspired Dominican artist Ruben Ubiera to paint a mural with a message of sympathy and understanding for the undocumented and in favor of a just immigration reform in the United States. continue reading »

Poll of Undocumented Immigrants Reveals Strong Family and Social Connections in America

A new poll of Latino undocumented immigrants finds they have deep roots in America, with strong family and social connections to U.S. citizens, painting a portrait of a community that is very integrated into the American fabric, and hopeful of a chance to gain legal status and ultimately citizenship. continue reading »

REPORT:  New Immigration Bill Will Deny Citizenship to Those Who Arrived after 2011

Proposed immigration reform bill will deny citizenship for any undocumented individual that illegally entered the U.S. after December 31, 2011 and others must show financial stabilty. continue reading »

Top Republicans Suddenly Back Immigration Reform After Latinos Overwhelmingly Back Obama

When Democrats tried to get the DREAM Act and a path to citizenship for young undocumented immigrants through Congress in 2010, Republicans blocked the immigration reform measure in the Senate. But after a campaign in which GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney staked out harsh anti-immigration positions, and with President Obama winning 75 percent of Latino voters, several key leaders in the Republican party are coming out in favor of immigration reform: continue reading »

Amnesty International: 40 Central American Migrants Kidnapped in Mexico

At least 40 Central American migrants were abducted this week while crossing southeastern Mexico en route to the United States, Amnesty International said Friday. continue reading »

Carlos Martinez-Aguilar Sentenced to 36 Months for Harboring Undocumented

An illegal alien from Mexico was sentenced Tuesday to 36 months in prison for harboring illegal aliens, announced U.S. Attorney Kenneth Magidson, Southern District of Texas. continue reading »

Dish-Drying Rack Art Shines a Light on Border Crossers

According to the U.S. Migratory Political Institute, from 2000 to 2005, 7,178,000 detentions were registered at the U.S.- Mexico border.The border between Mexico and the United States is the continue reading »

Leaders of Mexican “Paisas” Believed to Have Started Mississippi Prison Riot Earlier This Year

Mexican inmates in a Mississippi prison started a riot over their mistreatment. Authorities say the May 20 riot at the privately-run Adams County Correctional Facility (ACCF) in Natchez continue reading »

Human Smugglers Use Private Plane to Transport Immigrants Through Texas

Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents teamed up with Border Patrol in Texas where BP agents say a man attempted to charter a private plane to transport illegal immigrants from safe houses to San Antonio. continue reading »

University of Illinois Chicago Agrees To Kidney Transplant for Undocumented

Hispanics who have been on a hunger strike for the last two weeks demanding organ transplants for the undocumented racked up a win Tuesday by getting one of the Chicago hospitals at the center of the protests to provide such a procedure. continue reading »

Chicago Hunger Strike Continues Over Undocumented Being Denied Transplants

A woman in the group of five Latinos who are on a hunger strike here to demand organ transplants for undocumented immigrants lacking health insurance was treated by paramedics on Monday but later rejoined the protest begun nine days ago. continue reading »

Hastings Center Addressing Issue of Undocumented Immigrants Lack of Access to Healthcare

A new website of The Hastings Center seeks to identify who the 11 million undocumented immigrants in the U.S. are and issues around health care access for them. continue reading »

South Carolina Immigration Law Seeing Opposition from 16 Latin American and Caribbean Countries

South Carolina’s controversial immigration is getting international attention , as well as criticism. To date, more than a dozen Latin American and Caribbean countries have asked to join in the fight against the Arizona-style law. continue reading »

Utah Man Claims he’s Undocumented in Order to Avoid Jail Time

A Utah man was the subject of a police search after he falsely claimed he was in the country illegally in an attempt to avoid jail time by being deported. continue reading »

Meet One of the Undocumented Students Who Benefited from Texas In-State Tuition (VIDEO)

Meet Karla Resendiz who besides being an honor student, college graduate and Texas resident is now the face for in-state tuition for undocumented students. Governor Rick Perry urged his fellow Republican presidential candidates continue reading »

How Do Ethnic Media Say “Illegal Immigrant?”

Before publishing a story on immigration, every editor faces a question: What term should be used to describe an immigrant who is in the United States illegally? continue reading »

New Republican Bill, Co-Authored by Rep Bill Flores, to Speed Up Deportations of Illegal Immigrants

This week twenty-one House Republicans introduced house bill H.R. 2952 which aims to speed up the time in which a detained illegal alien is deported out of the country. continue reading »

Two Mexican Men Charged with Smuggling 213 Central Americans into Mexico

A Mexican Court on Friday charged 2 men in Chiapas with smuggling 213 undocumented immigrants from Central America to Mexico. The hundreds of illegal immigrants who were crammed inside a truck were described as being dehydrated and hungry. The truck was found near Mexico's southern border, prosecutors said. continue reading »

U.S. &  MX Govts Resume Program Providing Safe & Voluntarily Return to Mexico for the Undocumented

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Mexican Ministry of the Interior announced Monday that the Mexican Interior Repatriation Program (MIRP) - a bilateral, voluntary program that ensures the safe return of Mexican nationals found to be unlawfully in the Sonora Arizona desert region of the United States to their places of residence in the Mexican interior - has resumed for the eighth consecutive summer. continue reading »