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Tag Results for "Undocumented Students"

IL House Passes Illinois DREAM Act On a Bipartisan Vote

Tuesday, the Illinois DREAM Act (SB2185), legislation that would offer undocumented youth better access to higher education, passed in the Illinois House of Representatives on a bipartisan 60-54 vote. SB 2185, sponsored in the House by Rep. Edward Acevedo, has the support of Cardinal George, 15 university presidents, and hundreds of other faith leaders, business leaders, and community organizations. continue reading »

California’s DREAM Act Allowing Undocumented Students Access to State Grants Advances

California’s State Assembly is getting ready to vote this week on AB 131 or this state’s version of a DREAM Act after an Assembly committee approved the bill on Friday. continue reading »

New Immigration Laws in Indiana Trigger Lawsuit by ACLU

The new Indiana immigration laws that deny in-state tuition rates to undocumented immigrants and revokes tax credits for businesses found to be hiring undocumented individuals are going to be tested legally. continue reading »

Senator Warner Signs on as DREAM Act Co-Sponsor

Senator Warner (Virginia) signed on as a cosponsor of the DREAM Act. Below is a video in both English and Spanish with Senator Warner explaining why he supports this important legislation. continue reading »

Federal Authorities Warn School Districts: Do Not Ask Student, Parents About Immigration Status

Public schools across the country are being warned by the federal government that they are not to ask their students about their immigration status continue reading »

Illinois Senate Passes their own version of The Dream Act..On to the House Now

This week , the Illinois Senate passed the Illinois Dream Act with an overwhelming 45-11 bipartisan vote- with 11 GOP Senators voting in favor of the bill. continue reading »

IL Dream Act Vote Tomorrow! Take Action! Support the Illinois DREAM Act!

After months of hard work the Illinois DREAM Act is scheduled to be voted on in the Illinois Senate tomorrow! continue reading »

Maryland’s DREAM Act One Step Away from Become State Law

Maryland’s own version of the DREAM Act is one step away from becoming law after passing in the state House in a 74-66 vote this last Friday. continue reading »

Greek Unites Blacks and Latinos as Brother Faces Deportation

During a routine traffic stop, an undocumented student was arrested and taken to jail, but his fraternity brothers would not stand for it, and came out in force in support of their brother. continue reading »

Struggling Undocumented Students “Not Giving Up” on Higher Education

Anyone applying for college knows it can be a stressful experience, but for undocumented immigrants, wanting to move on to higher education can seem like an unwinnable battle. continue reading »

Hispanically Speaking News Statement on Defeat of the DREAM Act

After a heated debate on the Senate floor, the Senate today defeated passage of the DREAM Act. The vote today came 3 votes short of passage, with three Republicans supporting the measure. continue reading »

Tuesday December 7th DREAM Act- Day of Action, Help Spur Congress to Vote Yes

Immigrant Youth and Faith Communities Mobilize for DREAM Act across the Country for a Day of Action. Events in 26 States Highlight Moral and Economic Imperative for Congress to Pass the DREAM Act. continue reading »

JUST IN: DREAM Act Set For November 29th Vote

Speaking to several hundred Hispanic leaders at the Latino Leaders Network luncheon today, Congresswoman Nydia Velasquez announced that Speaker Pelosi has tentatively set November 29th for a vote on the Dream Act continue reading »

New Mexico Gov Elect Doesn’t know what the DREAM Act is

Susana Martinez, the new Mexico Governor-elect needs to be reminded what the DREAM Act is. When a reporter asked the Republican politician if she supported the DREAM Act , her response was “Remind me. I know that the scholarship….” continue reading »

Sponsor Of SB-1070 Russell Pearce Tells Undocumented Students ‘I Don’t Make The Law’ (VIDEO)

Arizona state Sen. Russell Pearce (R), the sponsor of SB-1070 who was recently elected state Senate president, has pushed and authored a series of other lesser-known immigration laws in his state. One of those was Proposition 300 — a referendum approved by Arizona voters in November 2006 which forces undocumented Arizonans to pay out-of-state tuition and bars them from receiving financial aid. continue reading »

Figures Indicate Few Undocumented Students in GA

The State Board of Regents released figures on Wednesday indicating that 4.8% of students in Georgia’s public colleges are undocumented. continue reading »