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Tag Results for "Undocumented In Us"

Law Professors Agree: Obama Has Executive Power To Provide Relief To Dreamers

Since the DREAM Act was narrowly defeated in Congress in December 2010, DREAMers around the country have been calling on President Obama to provide executive relief to immigrant youth and their families. However, the Obama Administration has repeatedly stalled, saying that they lack the legal authority to grant this type of relief. continue reading »

“I’m Getting Arrested” App Aims to Help the Undocumented

A group of pro-immigrant rights activists in Arizona aim to develop a smartphone application that would help immigrants notify friends, family and their attorney if they are detained and arrested during a traffic stop. continue reading »

How N. Carolina Latinos Survive Without Driver’s Licenses

Delivery and shuttle services offered by supermarkets, restaurants and individuals in this North Carolina metropolis have become a solution for Hispanics without driver's licenses, who avoid driving to keep from being deported continue reading »

Latinos in LA Remember Undocumented Student , Joaquin Luna Who Killed Himself

Young people in favor of the DREAM Act, families affected by deportations and pro-immigrant activists held a vigil here Friday in memory of an undocumented student in Texas who committed suicide last week. continue reading »

Hispanic Occupy Oakland Protester Arrested, Faces Deportation

Francisco “Pancho” Ramos-Stierle was arrested as he was sitting in silent, non-violent protest against the deep inequality that pervades our society and affects so many Latinos and immigrants. continue reading »

DREAM Act Story: Karla Contreras as told by Dick Durbin on Senate Floor (VIDEO)

Senator Durbin tells the story of DREAMers on the floor of the United States Senate. See all 13 Videos here at the Senators Dream Act continue reading »

The Unjust Deportation of DREAMer Jose (JB) Librojo

DREAMer Jose (JB) Librojo [A073 956 802] is a California resident and Dream Act-eligible candidate who came to the United States lawfully as a child and has lived in the country for 16 years. continue reading »

Running from Violence, Young Student Finds Cultural Barriers in Her New Country (VIDEO)

Mariana had always dreamt of her quinceañera party. For several months, she and her family planned the celebration, looked for the nicest dress and the best place, sent the invitations and ordered a big cake. But exactly 15 days before the big day, she was kidnaped from her home by a gang of thugs. On April 1st, 2009, 20 men dressed as Mexican police agents broke into her house in a small town in the state of Chihuahua, beat up her father and threatened him and the rest of the family. They took her away for two days and one night. Mariana’s family was required to pay $8,000 to get their daughter back. continue reading »

IL House Passes Illinois DREAM Act On a Bipartisan Vote

Tuesday, the Illinois DREAM Act (SB2185), legislation that would offer undocumented youth better access to higher education, passed in the Illinois House of Representatives on a bipartisan 60-54 vote. SB 2185, sponsored in the House by Rep. Edward Acevedo, has the support of Cardinal George, 15 university presidents, and hundreds of other faith leaders, business leaders, and community organizations. continue reading »

Illinois Senate Passes their own version of The Dream Act..On to the House Now

This week , the Illinois Senate passed the Illinois Dream Act with an overwhelming 45-11 bipartisan vote- with 11 GOP Senators voting in favor of the bill. continue reading »

IL Dream Act Vote Tomorrow! Take Action! Support the Illinois DREAM Act!

After months of hard work the Illinois DREAM Act is scheduled to be voted on in the Illinois Senate tomorrow! continue reading »

Senior Policy Analyst Michele Waslin Discusses Immigration on Univision (VIDEO)

Watch IPC's Michele Waslin discussing discussses the Immigration Policy Center's Second Annual Review of Department of Homeland Security. continue reading »

College Town issues ID’s regardless of Citizenship

For the past nine months, the Latin American Legal Defense and Education Fund, a Princeton-based Hispanic advocacy non-profit organization, has been issuing municipal identification cards to any one who can continue reading »

Oregon Senate Approves In-State Tuition for some Undocumented immigrants

In an 18-11 vote on Tuesday, the Oregon Senate has voted to allow some illegal immigrants to pay in-state tuition at Oregon public universities. continue reading »

LATIN LOVIN   Loving an “illegal”

My life has been redefined by loving and losing an “illegal” immigrant, whom I shared a home and a child with before his deportation. That was two years and a thousand tears ago. Hours spent scavenging the Internet for continue reading »