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Latin American and Caribbean Unemployment Dropped in 2010

The economic upturn in most Latin American and Caribbean countries in 2010 fueled a .6 percentage point drop in unemployment – from 8.1% in 2009 to 7.5% - and is expected to lead to a further decrease of between 0.2 and 0.4 percentage points this year, the United Nations reported today. continue reading »

Emerging Economies Like Latin America Attracted Greater Share of Foreign Investment Says UN

Foreign direct investment (FDI) to developing and transition economies rose last year, while investment flows to developed countries declined, the United Nations agency tasked with promoting trade said in an update on global investment trends released today. Developing and transition economies accounted for more than half of global flows, the UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) reported, noting that there was a strong rebound in FDI to developing Asian economies and Latin America, while Europe stood out as the region where flows fell the most sharply. While the increased profits of foreign affiliates, especially in developing countries, boosted reinvested earnings, the uncertainties surrounding global currency markets and European sovereign debt resulted in negative intra-company loans and lower equity investments. continue reading »

UN Marks One-Year Anniversary of Haiti Earthquake

On the one-year anniversary of the earthquake which devastated Haiti, the United Nations is today remembering the disaster’s victims in memorial events in Port-au-Prince, New York and elsewhere around the world. continue reading »

The Border Dispute that Google Ignited between Costa Rica and Nicaragua Heading to UN Court

Though the San Juan River in Central America has been a source of dispute for centuries, it was Google’s map system showing an erroneous border continue reading »

UN Launches $200 MIllion Sustainable Development Project in Haiti

The United Nations and its partners this week launched a 20-year, $200 million environmental recovery program in south-west Haiti that aims to benefit more than 200,000 people and show that sustainable rural development, from fisheries to tourism, is indeed practical. continue reading »

UN:  Dozens of Towns in Colombia Still Remain Underwater, Millions Remain Displaced

The United Nations refugee agency is boosting its efforts to provide emergency assistance to thousands of Colombians affected by recent flooding that has been called the worst natural catastrophe in the country’s history by its leader. continue reading »

UN Calls for Respect of Migrant Rights and their Crucial Economic Role

With mounting unemployment spurring discrimination and the politics of polarization on the rise, United Nations officials have decried the human rights violations, xenophobia, and exploitation faced by many of the world's 214 million international migrants. continue reading »

UN Set to Investigate Origins of Cholera in Haiti and Urges for More Funding to Combat Outbreak

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon appealed to the world for more funds to fight the cholera epidemic in Haiti that has already killed more than 2,400 people and infected nearly 110,000 others, 55,000 of whom had to be hospitalized. continue reading »

Poverty in Latin America Stabilizes per UN Report

The number of poor people in Latin America will fall this year to 180 million – the pre-crisis levels seen in 2008 – thanks to robust economic recovery in most of the countries of the region, says a United Nations report released today. continue reading »

WikiLeaks Run Rampant While UN Deems Freedom of Information as Critical to Cultural Diversity

Freedom of information, and universal access to it, is crucial to promoting cultural and linguistic diversity, and the United Nations is at the forefront of the battle to protect these rights, a senior information official has said. continue reading »

It’s World Toilet Day – So Squat for a Good Cause

We kid you not, it’s World Toilet Day to remind us that not everybody s***t’s in luxury and many have no access to toilets with 80 percent of human waste left out in the open. YUK. continue reading »

Concern Over Prison Term for Panamanian Journalists Growing

The United Nations (UN) voiced concern over a prison sentence for two Panamanian journalists, who had earlier been acquitted on charges of slander and libel. Frank La Rue from the UN said in a statement that, according to available information, the two journalists were also prohibited from carrying out activities related to their profession for one year. continue reading »

For the 19th Year-in-a-Row UN Calls for Lifting of U.S. Embargo of Cuba

For the 19th straight year, the General Assembly today adopted a resolution calling for the lifting of the decades-old economic, commercial and financial embargo imposed by the United States against Cuba in the aftermath of the Cold War. continue reading »

UN to Help Fight Rising Hunger in Nicaragua

To check rising rural poverty and hunger in Nicaragua, the United Nations (UN) is helping the country’s Government to support small-scale farmers boost their production of beans, maize, rice and other staple crops. continue reading »

New Ecotourism Website Puts Far-Flung Nature Sites a Mere Mouse Click Away

Created by the UN Environment Program and the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), the site provides in-depth information on both the leading lights and hidden gems of the conservation world, allowing visitors to upload photographs of their trips to protected areas, write travelogues for Wikipedia and recommend places of interest nearby, data that can be shared through social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Flickr. continue reading »

UN Visit to Mexico Concludes: “Strong Justice System is Needed”

A strong and independent justice is a prerequisite for effectively fighting growing violence in Mexico, a United Nations human rights expert, who wrapped up a 15-day mission to the country last week, said today. continue reading »

Colombia One of Five New Member Nations to UN Security Council

The United Nations General Assembly today elected Colombia, Germany, India, Portugal and South Africa to serve on the Security Council for two-year terms, beginning 1 January 2011. continue reading »

Guatemala Getting Help to Recover from Onslaught of Natural Disasters

An international conference opened in Guatemala today to help in the reconstruction of the Central American country after devastating volcanic eruptions and torrential rains, with Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon pledging full United Nations support. continue reading »

’30 Ways in 30 Days’ Worldwide Environmental Initiative Launches in Mexico City

In the run up to next month’s major climate change conference in Cancun, the United Nations (UN) will release one case study daily for 30 days to prove that solutions to combat global warming – ranging from planting trees to creating mass markets for solar water heaters. continue reading »

Easter Island in Chile a Top 10 UNESCO World Heritage Site

There are more than 900 UNESCO World Heritage sites that represent the world’s greatest cultural and natural sites and have been deemed important to the ‘common heritage of humanity’ continue reading »