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UN Brokered Ceasefire Between Peru, Ecuador in 1995

Today in Latin American history, the Cenepa War between Peru and Ecuador ended on a cease-fire brokered by the UN in 1995. The war was a brief and localized military conflict between Ecuador and Peru, fought over control of a disputed area on the border between the two countries. continue reading »

WHO: LatAm Making Progress on Highway Safety, but Problems Remain

Latin America is "making great efforts" to improve highway safety, but they are still "not sufficient," World Health Organization Department of Injuries and Violence Prevention director Etienne Krug said Thursday. continue reading »

Immediate Food Assistance Needed for 500,000 Haitians

The United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti said "immediate" food assistance must be provided to more than 500,000 people, including 81,600 children suffering from acute malnutrition. continue reading »

Latin American Economy Expected to See More Growth in 2013

The Latin American economy will close out 2012 with growth of 3.1 percent, down from 4.3 percent last year, but it will experience a rebound next year to 3.8 percent, the U.N. Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean said Tuesday. continue reading »

UN Extends Kyoto’s Climate Change Pact Extended at Doha until 2020

The 194 nations meeting at the United Nations Climate Conference in Doha approved here Saturday the extension until 2020 of the Kyoto Protocol for controlling climate change, which was to expire this year, though some countries have pulled out of the deal. continue reading »

Mexico To Explore UN Torture Charges

The Mexican government has agreed to "study carefully" the charges made by the United Nations' Committee Against Torture, which said it was concerned about the use of torture in Mexico during the interrogation of people detained arbitrarily. continue reading »

Latin Grammy Winner Julieta Venegas To Give Concert in Cuba on Behalf of UN

Mexican singer-songwriter Julieta Venegas will perform for the first time in Cuba on Dec. 3 in a concert to help the U.N.'s worldwide campaign to end violence against women, Cuban official media said Thursday. continue reading »

UN Urges Honduras to Make Greater Efforts to Protect Children From Sexual Exploitation

A United Nations independent expert today called on Honduras to increase its efforts to protect children from sexual exploitation, adding that the country still faces many challenges to ensure they are not victims of prostitution, pornography and abuse. continue reading »

UN-backed Commission Presents Plan to Combat Impunity in Guatemala

A United Nations-backed commission today presented a strategic work plan at the world body’s Headquarters in New York outlining efforts to combat impunity in Guatemala and support the country’s justice system. continue reading »

UN: Guatemalan Children Still Facing Sexual Exploitation, Forced Labor

In spite of protection measures by the Guatemalan Government, many children are still victims of sexual exploitation and forced labor, a United Nations independent expert warned today. continue reading »

UN: Colombia Must Further Dialogue with Indigenous People in Cauca

A United Nations independent expert called on the Government of Colombia to advance the dialogue process with indigenous authorities in the state of Cauca to find a solution to the recent military presence in their territory and other related matters. continue reading »

UN Official Implores Colombia to Fight Impunity For Sexual Violence Crimes

Colombia must increase its efforts to fight impunity for crimes of sexual violence, a United Nations envoy said today, adding that such efforts should be paired with assistance to survivors and victims. continue reading »

UN Urges Central America to Fight Organized Crime in the Region

Senior United Nations officials drew the world’s attention to threats posed by transnational organized crime and drug trafficking in Central America and called for concerted global efforts to combat the scourge, which they said is spreading to other continents. continue reading »

UN Alarmed at Most Recent Killing of Brazilian Journalist

The United Nations human rights office voiced concern at what it called a “disturbing” trend of killing journalists in Brazil, after another reporter was found dead earlier this week. continue reading »

UN Welcomes Brazil’s Contribution to Global Humanitarian Action

The United Nations humanitarian affairs chief yesterday pledged support for Brazil’s humanitarian work around the world, highlighting the country’s contributions in the areas of disaster-risk prevention and food security. continue reading »

Mexico Called to Effectively Investigate Cases of Forced Disappearances that Continue to Occur

A group of independent United Nations human rights experts today called on the Mexican Government to develop effective measures to combat impunity in cases of enforced disappearances, which continue to take place in the country. continue reading »

Drug Related Violence at Unprecedented Levels in Central America

Escalating violence involving drug trafficking organizations in Central America has reached “alarming and unprecedented levels,” making it one of the most violent areas in the world, the United Nations anti-narcotics panel stressed in its annual report. continue reading »

International Organizations Voice Alarm Over Killing of Inmates in Mexico

The United Nations human rights office has called on Mexican authorities to conduct a thorough and independent investigation into the killing over the weekend of 44 inmates at a prison in the country’s north, apparently by members of an organized criminal group. continue reading »

Brazil to Host UN World Environment Day in June

Brazil will be the host of World Environment Day (WED) in June, which aims to emphasize how individual actions can have an exponential impact on the planet and help reduce pollution, the United Nations announced today. continue reading »

UN Urging Latin America to Address Issue of Prison Overcrowding

A United Nations human rights official today called on Latin American countries to tackle the problem of prison overcrowding in the wake of an overnight fire at a jail in Honduras that killed hundreds of inmates. continue reading »