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Tag Results for "Twitter"

Twitter Announces IPO Plans in Tweet

San Francisco-based microblogging service Twitter Inc. said it had begun the process for an initial public offering, a much-anticipated move in the wake of Facebook's debut on the Nasdaq last year. continue reading »

Top 5 Latin American Politicos on Twitter

In the current digital age many politicians have been forced to evolve and adopt a social media presence. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, Politicians have become more accessible to their constituents. continue reading »

Maradona Files Complaint Against Ex-Partner Over Twitter Photos of Son

Argentine soccer icon Diego Maradona has filed a complaint against former partner Veronica Ojeda after she posted photos of their infant son to a social-networking site in defiance of a court order. continue reading »

Late President Chavez’s Daughter Posts Photo with Soap Star on Twitter

Maria Chavez, the daughter of late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, has caused a sensation in the press here with the appearance of a photograph showing her with soap opera actor Manuel "Coco" Sosa. continue reading »

Target Apologizes for ‘Manatee Grey’ Color for Plus-Size Women’s Dresses

Retailer Target has apologized to offended customers after a Twitter user discovered that the grey color option for a dress had two different names. The standard sizes’ grey was called ‘Dark Heather Grey’ while the plus-size version was called ‘Manatee Grey.’ continue reading »

Pope Benedict To Tweet in Latin to Nearly 4,000 Followers

Pope Benedict XVI now has 3,730 followers on his Twitter account in Latin, two days ahead of his scheduled inaugural tweet, the Vatican said Friday. continue reading »

Ricky Martin Shares Embarrassing Story of Being Locked Out of Apartment in His Underwear

Ricky Martin won the sympathy of thousands of followers in confessing on social networks that this week the door of his apartment closed behind him, leaving him locked outside in his underwear with no keys to get back in. continue reading »

Justin Bieber in a Quest to Find Mexican Crying Fan (VIDEO)

Justin is trying to locate a young fan who broke into tears when she found out his Monterrey, Mexico show was sold out. continue reading »

Brazilian Comedian Rafinha Bastos: Twitter’s Most Influential User

Who is this Brazilian comedian, more influential on Twitter than Lady Gaga, President Obama and Kim Kardashian? continue reading »

Hugo Chávez Using Twitter to Complain About Soccer and Run the Country

Hugo said he’ll talk to Conmebol officials to Protest the semifinal Copa América Match between Venezuela and Paraguay. continue reading »

Piqué Disses Shakira’s Paddling Skills Via Twitter (VIDEO)

The couple and some friends were rafting, and their raft tumbled. Piqué Blamed it on Shakira. continue reading »

Where The Hugo is Chávez?

The usually all-over-the-place Venezuelan president has been silent for two weeks in Cuba. What is going on? continue reading »

Good & Bad News:  Comedian Chespirito is now on Twitter and He’s Is the Most Pirated Artist! (VIDEO)

The creator of El Chavo del 8 and El Chapulín Colorado has garnered more than 300,000 followers in 3 days! continue reading »

Mexicans Protest Via Twitter with #FailedState &  #EstadoFallido Hashtags

In response to the violence ravaging the nation on a daily basis, Mexican citizens have been tweeting their commentaries, protests, and news, followed by the #estadofallido hashtag. continue reading »

Whoa, Piqué! Is that a Banana In Your Pocket? No sir, It’s EL PIQUETÓN!

#Piquetón, became a trending topic on Twitter shortly after Cuore Magazine published a picture of the very well endowed Barça defense waiting for Shakira at the airport. continue reading »

Mexico Govt. Makes History as Felipe Calderon’s Entire Cabinet Twitters

History is being made in México as Twitter offers a direct line of communication between the public, and those in Public Office. continue reading »

LISTEN To J-lo’s New Single “Papi” (VIDEO)

This song is available now on iTunes, unlocked after thousands of fans "liked it" on Facebook continue reading »